29 May 2012

Top Baby Blogs!!

Just a short while ago, I decided to add this blog to the Top Baby Blog directory.  With our adoption just getting started and my brain kicking into baby mode, I thought it would be fun to try out and to meet like minded bloggers.
Little did I know,  my little blog would top the charts at #4 by the end of our first cycle on the list and #7 during the second cycle.  I think that is pretty amazing considering the fact that there are almost 3000 blogs total in the directory.
There are no "prizes" for being on top, and there are no "perks" either.  The one thing that I cherished from being on top was meeting so many awesome people, moms, and adoptive parents.
It has been a blessing for our little family.  
I also enjoy the traffic that it brings to Run With Scissors and the sweet giveaways I am able to offer you all.
That is why I am asking you, just this once, if you could please hop on over and vote for us.
If every reader of this blog voted, just once, we would be #1.  
All you have to do, to vote, is click on this banner below

and then the owl on the left.
That is it.
You can vote every single day if you want.
Each vote is appreciated. Each comment you leave, each message, each friendship...a blessing.

Vote for us!
Vote for Amelia :)
Thank you so much for blessing us and for taking a minute out of your day to do this.


P.S. Don't forget to vote :) All it takes it two little clicks. Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs

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