07 May 2012

handmade fashion for A.

on Amelia: I Scream For Ice Cream Bodysuit c/o Little Treetops

Yesterday, was spent cross-stitching, crocheting, grocery shopping, cuddling with my baby and DIY'ing some leggings for A.
She is sooo going to be 80's glam in these looks :)  
I was inspired to create my own leggings for A after reading this post
I am so in love with the way they turned out and I am hoping to get some better pics of her wearing them later but for now, here they are via Instagram:

*  For the first look I went with neon pink leggings from Carters.  I used black fabric paint and crumpled up an envelop to use as a stamper.  I stamped the messy splotches all over the front of the leggings and let them sit for a bit.  Then I took a fan style paint brush and added a sparkley silver paint to the leggings.  I LOVE these so much!!

*  For the second look, I just followed Alisa's directions to a tee to make these worshak inspired leggings.   

After all of the cute little leggings, I needed a top to go with them so I used the fabric paint again and cut out a heart stencil and went to town.

This girl is going to have serious style :)
Have you made any cute little DIY clothing for your little ones?  If so, I would LOVE a link to them so I can check them out!!


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  1. now all she needs is a tutu to go with that rockin outfit!!!!!

  2. I love the heart top. Such a classic look!

  3. So cute -- love that heart onesie! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one rockin' those!


  4. i bet you never get sick of looking into those gorgeous big eyes!
    and the leggings are so fun! she must be a super stylin' bub.

  5. Those handmade leggings are cute. I bet my niece (she is like, 5 now-I think) would love to do this as a craft day. Cute idea...I wonder how well they will wear with all of that movement!

    Also, I think you mean Rorschach and not worshak!

    1. Dang!! I totally used spell check too :) That is definitely what I meant.
      Also, I bet you are the COOLEST aunt around. You all should definitely DIY yourselves a pair.
      Miss you and love you Court!!


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