26 May 2012

have you accepted the challenge?

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Let the world know that YOU are creating a beautiful documentation of your life this June :)

I Heart Fall

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  1. Janel, I just got to reading your blog today. It is so precious! And you are one gorgeous 32 year old mama!!! You're so creative, too, it inspires me! I just wanted to let you know. ;o)

  2. Did this just swallow my comment? Oh man.

    Well, I just now started reading your blog and your creativity inspires me! It's so fun!!! I love your how much energy you put into life! And you are one gorgeous 32 year old mama!

    (I'm 32 too... kinda special). Adoption has been close to my heart for a looooong time. You guys are precious!

  3. I will definitely be trying to keep up with this, this year!



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