21 May 2012

Project life week 20

Week 20 and this project keeps getting better and better.
I love when I find new products to use in my book and new ideas for things to add. 
Love love love.
This week has three added inserts (the inserts are one of my favorite parts of this whole project).

This week I started documenting my TOMS collection on Instagram.  I thought it would be fun to add all of these to my page to remind me of how much I love these shoes :)
I also signed up for The Color Run this week which excites me and scares me at the same time.

My first insert this week is all about Mother's Day.  Since it was my first mother's day, I thought it definitely deserved it's own insert :)

On the back of the Mother's Day insert, I added photos of my AMAZING mother's day present.  We were really blessed with a hail storm that left us with a car that would cost more money to fix then it was worth.  Plus we were able to get that car to someone who really needed it so it was a win/win situation.

The next two inserts are of all of the Instagram photos that I have taken of Amelia for a 365 book (that I talked more about two posts down).
I love these because her growth is so obvious in them. Plus I could stare at a million photos of her face all day every day.

Finally, I added a favorite shot of Amelia, the pattern of my new bag, and progress of my recent projects.  I also added some photos of the succulents because they are gorgeous and a photo of Adam's ONE collection.  He has one collection, I have like 100.

This week, I plan on posting all of my pages from the weeks where I wasn't able to post photos of Amelia.  There were a lot of really great pages and now that I can share them, I want to.  So check back daily for a Project Life flash back post :)
Have a great day!!
It's the last day of school for me...holla!


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