28 May 2012


Happy Memorial Day everyone!!
We had a great day at my parent's house with my whole family.
We barbecued and had good family time.  
I had a chance to look at my Instagram feed and there are soooo many photos of Amelia that I just love (duh!)

* a family walk with A's new carrier

* her Memorial day dress 

* a cute little random face

* Harajuku Baby in her little pool.

*  rocking the leg warmers

* being the best little paper weight ever

* and another fun day in the pool in the back yard.

Also, really quick, after looking through my blog last night I realized that my blog is for me, and for documenting my life.  It's for making new friends and sharing with old friends. It's so many things.  I decided that I am not going to be offering ad spaces anymore. Making money is not what I want this blog to be about.  After this month, no more ad spaces...sorry!

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  1. gorgeous pics! i think that is a good idea about ad spaces :)

    your blog is a lovely and welcoming area, just posted bout your 30 day challenge! cant wait to start :)


  2. she is just super adorable!


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