19 May 2012

80 days.

I have been taking a daily photo of Amelia since her birth.
I plan on making an Instagram book of her first year for a fun little documentation.
I had taken the photos but didn't get most of them uploaded to Instagram until this week.  Looking at all of the photos together is unreal.
My little girl has changed so much in the past 80 days.
Have a look for yourself!
Here are the ones that I have documented so far:

She is getting so big!! Her little face is getting so defined.  It has been so amazing to watch her grow so far and change, and get more and more beautiful every single day.
I think this book is going to be such a treasure at the end of the year. These moments are all so precious and I am so blessed to have them all documented :)


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  1. She is growing up so fast! I think the photo book is a beautiful way to document each day, and for a whole year would be a great transition from beginning to end :)

    P.S The picture with the Easter bunny cracked me up!

  2. She is so beautiful Janel!! It is crazy how fast they grow! I wish I had thought to do this for Blake. I can't believe he is my little 6 1/2 month old man! Loved all these pictures!

    1. 6 1/2 months!!! Wow Carol. Time flies!!

  3. I've been doing the same thing! :) We're on day 70.

  4. so so so cute!!! def a gr8 idea to document the journey you will go through!!



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