20 May 2012

Now Accepting June Sponsors!

Run With Scissors is now accepting Sponsors for the month of June!!
We are looking for great blogs and shops to partner with this summer :)
We love that we are able to offer AFFORDABLE advertising and are excited to partner with YOU!

This month, we are offering three different packages that you can choose from.

* X-Large Feature /$40
This package includes:
                the top ad space, all month, on Run With Scissors
    plus a seperate feature post
    Tweeted post
  You also get the option of hosting a giveaway (which is another great way to bring readers to your blog)

*Large Ad/$25:
This package includes:
                This gives you a prime ad space on Run with Scissors
   A spot in a group feature blog post with tweet

*Small Ad/$15:
This package Includes:
 ad space under the large ads

If you are interested in partnering with us email me at


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  1. monchichi monchichi, oh so soft and cuddly... I just look and read and think, Thank you God for your blessings and then I date myself to the 80's with monchichi! ha


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