22 May 2012

Project Life Week 9-Flashback

Welcome to the first of many flashback posts this week from Project Life!!
First up, Week Nine.

Can we say best week ever??  The week our dreams came true and little Amelia was brought into this world and began blessing our lives.  This was a week full of emotion and excitement and a million little details that needed to be recorded.
The two blurred out images are emails from our social worker giving us details as how things were going and were going to go.  Im very happy to have those documented because they really illustrate the excitement of the day.  Her little hospital bracelet is in the lower left corner blurred as well with our visitor pass and her little ID card from her hospital bassinet.

On the left, I have an insert that tells her birth night story.  A little time line of EVERYTHING.  It's front and back.  I also have a month divider since March 1 happened this week too :)

This insert is full of instax photos from our hospital stay.  The first thing my sister handed me when she got to the hospital was her instax camera.  She was all, "I knew you would want this," and she was so right!!  It was something that I was so bummed that I hadn't brought.

I also hole punched all of the cards that we received in the mail or at the hospital and added them to this week's spread.  Before this project, I probably would have held on to these cards for about a month and then tossed them because I had no where to go with them. Now, I can hole punch them, stick them in the binder, and have them forever. 

On the last page I have photos of her leaving the hospital and our first little family photo from home.
I also created a little 3x4 of all of Adam's Facebook status updates from the day which ended up so cute.
Yes, that was pretty much the greatest week of our lives.  This is one of those times where this project really shines because I am so happy that I was able to document all of this, even the little details.


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  1. Amazing! its so lovely and it will mean so much to her one day to look back :)

    Barnicles x


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