14 May 2012

the bedroom.

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister found me the BEST garage sale find of the season this weekend.  
She knows that I have been searching for the perfect mid century modern bedroom set for about the past five years.  I have searched everywhere but have never found the perfect set for us. 
Plus, all of the ones I find in the shops are always over $1000 and that's just not in the ole budget when we had perfectly good bedroom furniture to begin with.
So, my sister calls me Saturday and says she found a bedroom set with my name written all over it for $100.  I was so excited!!
My sister, being the wheeler and dealer that she is talked them down to $75 which made me even more excited.
It all worked out so perfectly.  She and her husband had borrowed a truck and were able to bring right over to us...
With a coat of Old English, my new bedroom has now been transformed to a little piece of heaven on earth....

This little yellow shelf was originally from nursery when I was a baby.  My mom said that it came with their house when they bought it in the 70's.  I love the shapes and color of it and I use it to house special little pieces from our lives...It's definitely one of my favorite pieces in our house.

I am so in love with it and it just makes the whole room more "us."
Our bedroom is now officially my favorite room in the house. 
A HUGE thank you to Nicole for scoring me such a great deal and being the best sister ever.

I hope you enjoyed this little bedroom tour.

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  1. Soooo jealous, I am constantly cruising craigslist waiting for someone to undervalue their MCM furniture.

  2. I have the larger dresser in this style! I got it at Goodwill on half price day for $25!


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