05 May 2012


This blanket is so gorgeous and it combinestwo of my favorite things, crochet and patchwork.  I am FINALLY a semi-pro at making granny squares.  If you have read my blog for awhile you know that granny squares and I have a love / hate relationship :)
We also know that I need another blanket like I need a hole in the head.
(examples: one, two, three, fourfive, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten and those are only the ones that I have personally made!)  The collection of blankets is pretty ridiculous but one day soon there will be plenty of fort-making days with the little one and they will be needed.
So yeah, I decided that making this blanket would be a must.  I love BIG projects so much.
After a trip to JoAnn's I came home and started my granny squares immediately.

Those are the colors...I am so excited.
I also picked up a baby blanket Cross-stitch kit.  I haven't ever tried my hand at cross-stitch really but my mom had made me one while she was pregnant with me and I decided that Amelia would need one too.
The pattern is definitely not my style but it's cute and it's classic and it was the cutest of all of the kits they had so...that's that.
Here is what I have so far.

So far, I am really enjoying cross-stitching!  It is so relaxing and peaceful and it looks really pretty. 

I also picked up all of the supplies I need to make these and these!!
It's going to be a very productive couple of weeks!!


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  1. I also am new at cross-stitching! I totally understand what you mean - it is SO relaxing! I love the pattern you picked - and the deer art in your living room - SO adorable!


  2. Yes Kendall I love it!! The deer photo isn't my living room :) It's from Pinterest, the link is below it. I just really want to make that afghan!! xo

  3. Those colors are adorable! I love cross-stitching too because it doesn't take tons and tons of thought but takes a long time and comes out looking awesome. Can't wait to see the final project! :)

  4. Those DIY baby pants are SOOO CUTE. Miss. Amelia has the best style--I loveee it!

    1. They turned out soooo cute too!! I am going to post the final product later!! xo


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