20 May 2012

Being Productive.

This has been a very productive weekend over here:)
I have been crocheting granny squares like a fool.  This is such a peaceful task and it's also really fulfilling too when you see the outcome of them all laying out like this.
I still have two more colors to make granny squares with and then I can start crocheting all of these squares together to make an afghan like this one!!

I have also made some progress on my cross-stitched blanket for A.  I don't have a photo of everything that I have done but I have specifically been working on this little teddy bear this weekend.  Again, a tedious project but relaxing and rewarding :)

Today, my sister (who is sooo adorably pregnant these days) came over to make burp cloths for her little soon-to-be Jack!!
I LOVE the ones that I had made for Amelia.  They are seriously the best burp cloths that we have, better than any of the store bought ones.
Nicole loved them too and wanted to learn to make some for Jack before he gets here (NEXT month!!!)

Seriously didn't she bring the cutest fabrics?  I especially love the Thor one :)  Her dog's name is Thor so it's even more perfect. I  can't wait for my little nephew to get here!
And speaking of how cute my sister is, check out her "Hospital Checklist" that she made.  
I totally wish that I had something like this when I was getting ready to go the hospital for Amelia's birth.  I was soooo unprepared.  Like, I had my purse and my phone and then a ton of stuff for the baby.  I had nothing for myself or Adam.  This list is not only helpful and serves a purpose, but it's super cute.  love it.

Like I said, I was able to get a lot done this weekend.  Plus, tomorrow is the LAST day of school for this school year and I will have two whole months to get my craft on.  I can't wait!!


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  1. Cant wait to see the finished afghan! That cross pattern is amazing. One day I hope to learn how to knit or crochet or something along those lines. Definitely seems like it would be really relaxing!

  2. haha I was so unprepared for the hospital too! I avoided it until it was too late then the morning of I grabbed some walmart bags and started throwing things in. In the rush of it all somehow a walmart bag of ketchup & mustard ended up in the hospital room! we were soooo unorganized!


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