05 February 2011

New Push for Pita Items!!

Well hello there lovely friends!
I just wanted to let you all know that I listed a few new items tonight in the shop!!
I am super excited to say that in the past two days, we have raised
So, if you look at the tracker over to the left, you will see that we are at:
which is so great!!
It also means that we still need to raise a little bit over a thousand more dollars to reach our goal.

God is good, and we know that He provides so I'm not worried :)
Which brings me to our new items that were donated for "The Push for Pita" fundraiser!!!

First up is this adorable yarn wreath that one of my BFFs, Jane made!
It is gorgeous right?

The flowers are actually made out of up-cycled vintage scarves!! How cute is that??  Your home needs this!

And the next item was actually handmade and donated by Jane's adorable MOM! How sweet and amazing is that?
Sue, photographed these beautiful orchids at the St. Louis Botanical Garden and then turned her prints into a notecard set!!

These would be great to send a friend or to even frame and hang in your home!
I love them :)

I have also marked some items down in the shop so please check out everything!!

Plus, if you read my blog, you are definitely someone who I would want to have on my little girl's quilt.
So definitely go and grab your quilt square!!  We still have about 70 left :)
You all mean so much to me!

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our adoption, you have no idea how much it really truly means to us.  We are sending lots of prayers for blessings your way :)
love you.


P.S. Speaking of amazigness...check out and enter this super amazing giveaway by one of my cute sponsors this month!!

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