12 February 2011

New Hair Accessories!!

There are some LOVELY new hair accessories that have just been added to the shop!!

First off, there are the beautifully knitted hair bows by Holly!

Perfect for Spring and perfect to show your support!!
love them.

Next up are these gorgeous felt flower hair pins by Charlie!

Aren't the precious?  I adore the little glass bead detail in the center!  
I need some and Im pretty sure that Pita will need some too :)

A huge thank you to both of these talented ladies and all of the other amazing artists who have donated their time and product to help with our adoption!! If you look at the tracker, you can see that everyone's generosity is really paying off.
We couldn't be more blessed, or thankful.

Now, go check out the cuteness!!



  1. hey, lovely!!

    can't remember if i told you this or not, but your sponsor feature is up on le blog!!



  2. I hear so much about you from Haley, I feel like I know you. I figured I might as well follow you too!!!


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