06 February 2011

more sewing...

After being super inspired by Stacy's suitcase dollhouse, I started on mine immediately :)
I know I have shared my progress with it before, but I have the suitcase now which is adorable and it's all coming together!!

Here is a cute little close up of Dream's living room :)

and here is a view of it all put together!!  She loves it.

I haven't made the floor yet, to cover all of her clothes and such but I did make her a rug that is standing in place of the floor for now.  I haven't got any solid fabrics (for the floor) crazy!  When I find a solid fabric somewhere, I will get it together :)

Here is little Miss Dream with her fabulous vintage wardrobe :)

Yesterday, Adam had to work all day, and I was stuck indoors due to a snow storm so I started on the next background panel...the art studio!!

She has her inspiration board where she keeps little treasure of her favortite online places, a sewing table with sewing machine (courtesy of one of Lindsay's badges), and a painting table with the current paint by number she is working on :)

another little close up :)

and a final shot of Dream getting creative in her studio!

I am in love with this idea :)  Huge thanks to Stacy for inspiring me!!
I am having way too much fun making things for my little someday!
What do you all think? What is her studio missing?  Which room should I create next?

Happy Superbowl Sunday.
Im in it for the commercials and the good food :)


  1. i absolutely LOVE this idea!! I think you should make her a kitchen with a pretty window, counter-top complete w/kitchenaid mixer, and a couple cabinets....maybe a tray of cookies laying on the counter top? I want to make one of these if i ever have children!!

  2. this is so cute! I want to make a little stuffed doll now & a play house for her :)

    great idea :)

  3. Aww this is the cutest!! <3
    I totally agree with a kitchen!

    xo. Kyla


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