08 February 2011

Just added!!!

Good Morning lovely friends!!!
I just added the newest "Push for Pita" items in my shop!! I am super excited about these because not only are they gorgeous, but they were made and donated by someone really really special :)

These amazing mugs were thrown on the pottery wheel by my DAD!!

Isn't he the coolest?

Yeah, I know :)
He really can't wait to meet his granddaughter.

These are the first pots that he has thrown in 30 years and they turned out so beautiful!.
They are made with earthenware clay and glazed with Peacock Green Jungle Gems!

The glaze is non-toxic and it's an olive green with bright turquoise flecks in it.

This is a perfect mug to sip your daily hot tea or coffee while reflecting on how awesome you are for helping a family bring their baby home :)

There are only 3 mugs so go and grab yours HERE!!

In other exciting fundraising news.  Yesterday I recieved three more baby bottles full of change in the mail.  I added all of the change into my HUGE jar and it's pretty much all the way full!!

It's hard to tell how big this jar is but it's so big :)
I can't wait to take it to the bank and cash it all in so that I can add this money to the tracker as well!!

Oh and here is some more exciting news.  This is my 999th blog post on this blog :)
Tomorrow will be my 1000th post.  And with that, I think I need to have another giveaway!
Check back!!

Ok now, go and grab your lovely mug !!!



  1. These are great, any chance your dad could make some yarnbowls? :0)

  2. I love this jar... it surely must be reaaaally heavy!!!:) Are you interested on some blog button trade? :)

  3. Creativity runs in your family like wildfire! Janel, I have "leaking" eyes every time I read your posts...I feel so honored to be a part of your journey!


  4. Oh my goodness, 1000 posts! That's crazy. I just hit 100! Hahaha.


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