01 February 2011

Batch Number Two Added!

Ohmygoodness, you all continually amaze me :)
You have shown me over and over again, how BIG your hearts are and I thank you for that!!
Day One of "The Push for Pita" was a hit!  Almost every donated item that I put in the shop, literally flew right out of it.
You all are quick!!
With those sales we raised a little over 140.00!!!
Can you even believe it??

I was going to post each new batch, in the beginning of each week but with all of the sales today, I went ahead and posted batch number two of donated amazingness!!

Here we go!!

My lovely friend Haley created this amazing one of kind painting JUST for "The Push for Pita" fundraiser!! Isn't it beautiful!!
It's an 11x14 acrylic on canvas, and I want to marry it :)

Here is my favorite part though:


The very talented Christen donated this adorable doll, Jules (perfect for a suitcase dollhouse!!)

and this to cute for words, owl plushie, Bertie! 
I want to squeeze hime :) I love him so much.


One of my favorite bloggers, Sherry, created these lovely lovely hair clips for the fundraiser!!!
They are precious.
The perfect accessory to bring some sunshine to these wintery days :)

And finally, if you check out the wonderful Lehua's etsy shop HERE, she is donating 20% of the proceeds from her Valentine cards and woodgrain notebooks to the Pita Fund!
They are gorgeous right?

So, let's rock Day 2!!
Let's reach the goal!
Go shopping friends :)
But before you do that, check out all of my adorable sponsors over on the sidebar!! I am so excited to be hosting such talented people over here this month!!
Thank you :)
and I love you.


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  1. Janel --

    Jules is actually a little larger then the "regular" suitcase dolls that are going around. If they do want something smaller, let me know... I already have a couple made. They are $20 :)



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