18 February 2011


On January 30th, I told Adam that we needed to raise $5,000 for our application fee.
(The following is a not exactly word for word but good enough version of our conversation that night)

Janel:  Adam, we need to have $5,000 just to turn in our application for adoption

Adam:  Well, if we have some fundraisers and if we save like crazy we will totally make that goal by July.

Janel: Ummm...I was thinking that we could make it by March 1.

Adam: (laughing) there is no way.

Janel:  Remember Adam, you always say that anything is possible with God on our side.

Adam: That's true. Let's do it.

I emailed all of my talented friends for donations.
Adam came up with the name "The Push for Pita"
We got busy.
I blogged and promoted the fundraiser like crazy (sorry :D)
and most importantly, we prayed.
We prayed specifically to reach our goal of $5,000 
by March 1 to send in with our application for a baby.
For our baby.

Today is February 18.

A little bit after I posted my blog post  last night announcing the fact that we were only $188.13 short of our goal, I received a phone call from one of my oldest, dearest friends.
She was calling because she had just stumbled onto my blog and read that post.
This amazing friend and her husband decided that they wanted to donate that final $188.13.
What an amazing blessing, a blessing that is beyond anything I can even say.
Our goal is met.
We are going to have a baby!!

Thank you to everyone for their support.
Thank you doesn't seem like enough
 but it's the most genuine thank you times a thousand that we can possibly say.

$5,000 in 18 days.
That's a miracle.
That's a blessing.



  1. Saying congratulations doesn't quite grasp the scope of the awesomeness of this <3

    I am so incredibly happy for you <3<3


  2. Congratulations Janel and Adam xo Janel, your post made me all teary. I am so happy for you both, and I can only imagine how excited you are! Your baby will grow up with so much love in their life, what more could any family ask for? xoxoxo

  3. YAY! So happy for you!
    I don't comment much but I read your blog daily :)

  4. Wow, this is an amazing accomplishment - great work in your fundraising and congratulations! Now comes the final exciting steps - best of luck in the adoption process!

  5. Wow! Tears of excitement and awe.... God is so good! Congratulations!!!

  6. I actually purchased a square on your quilt...and I wanted to thank you for letting me a part of this amazingly unselfish and beautiful goal in your life. You both are blessed because you have a great deal of faith and love and you don't only want to share that with a baby...but with everyone who happens by this blog. You deserve all the good things that happen to your little family that is growing. You will not only continue to get my support, but also my prayers. Take Care...adorable little family...I send my congratulations! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  7. woohoo!!! What an awesome testimony to God's faithfulness. love it! So excited for you guys and can't wait for you guys to get going with it! hehe Can't wait to give little girl smooches!!!! Love you guys! xoxo

  8. you guys deserve it. I can't wait to be able to meet little miss Pita from your blog! It will be so great. I'm so happy


  9. i'm in tears right now because i am so happy. people are so so so amazing, aren't they?? friends, family...this blog world, i mean it's insane the support and love that came from people on the internet who you have never even met before but, people like me, who just think you two are going to be amazing parents and wanted to support that.

    it's incredible.

  10. Congratulations Janel! This is such amazing news! I'm so so sorry I wasn't able to get the items done/photos in time but holy cow! 18 days! I can't believe that! I can't wait for you and Adam to welcome Pita into your lives (and ours!).

  11. WWWOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!! that is so super exciting!! im so happy for both you and adam. you so deserve all that help that you got. your the sweetest!! love ya! xxx

  12. I am so happy for you friend. You two are going to make great parents!

  13. This brought me to tears!!!! Oh my gosh, buckle up!!

  14. Congratulations!! Life is so amazing sometimes!

  15. Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment! I know we all can't wait to see you both with your new bundle of joy!

  16. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for you and your husband. what a blessing. this is one very wanted child and that is going to make such a wonderful little impact on this world. big love to you guys.

  17. I stumbled upon your blog, through another blog... and am so glad I did!!! I love it!! so crafty!! I adore your craftsale for adoption funds. What a beautiful memory you are making and such a great story to tell your soon to be child. So excited for your family. I hope you have your precious baby, home and in your arms as soon as possible!

  18. Janel & Adam,

    I am so thrilled for both of you. I know since your first Journal class last year your journey had begun w/raising the funds to bring your little precious baby girl home to snuggle and love.

    Words can't express how excited I know you both are.. I wish you continued success w/your adoption!


    Ms. Sue

  19. YAY!!!!!!!!!!


  20. I am just weeping with joy here! I am about to help a friend with a funderaiser for their second payment and many of our ideas have come from this Push for Pita. I cannot wait to see what else God has in store...and can't wait to see this little "Pita" :-)

  21. Can hardly wait for the baby shower!!


  22. this is so exciting!! i am ridiculously happy for you two.
    what a gift from god.

  23. So very, very happy for both of you - I totally cried when reading this! Congratulations mummy and daddy to be!!! xox

  24. i am so happy for you guys!!!!

  25. I LOVE it!!!! I remember talking to Adam and he was like "we're trying to," or "we're hoping to" and I was like Adam - God is the God of the WHOLE WORLD, THE UNIVERSE, EVERYTHING... he can do exceedingly above and beyond what you ever imagine or hope for ... so claim it boy!
    I am not shocked that God pulled through, but of course ever in amazement!! And I can't wait to see him write the rest of this story. It's more exciting than waiting for the next Twilight movie (haha)

    LOVE YOU GUYS... TONS!!!!!!

  26. Oh girl and so it happened! :) 4 ur joy!

  27. This makes me so happy! We had a similar thing happen this week to us. A friend of mine told me to check your blog so I did. We decided to do an Etsy store in hopes of raising $6500 for our next adoption payment, but first we needed to finish raising the money for the first payment. We only needed $500. After praying and asking God what fundraiser we should do a friend donated the $500! We were super excited! So now on March 1st we are starting our Etsy fundraiser (thanks to you) and hope to raise $6500. Adoption is a wonderful thing (this is our 2nd and 3rd)! I am so excited to follow your journey.

  28. this is possibly one of the happiest things ive heard in a long time. so excited for you two.
    love ya!

  29. Congratulations. I rejoice with you and am sincerely so excited.

  30. That is so awesome!!!! I'm honored to be a small part of it even if I never get to the journaling part I will think of you everytime I see the book I bought to use.

  31. I am so happy and excited for you both! This is great news and so true. Anything can happen with God. You will be wonderful parents and your daughter will be so loved.

  32. So glad you reached your goal and you are well on your way to bringing Pita home! Well done Janel!

  33. I seriously started to cry when I read this post yesterday. It makes my heart so happy seeing how God works in people's lives. God bless you and your growing family!

  34. I am SO incredibly happy for you two! You worked so hard and I just know you two are going to be AMAZING parents. She is already SO loved by so many people! Congratulations!!!!!!! :)

  35. my friend ali from ballpointandpen.blogspot.com told me i should read your blog. i am also pursuing an adoption. please check out my blog to my son at mateovincent.tumblr.com
    i also need to raise money for fees and really just need a fulltime income. his name is actually matthew. but i gave him many little nicknames. the orphanage i volunteered in has no idea i'm doing this, because the government will favor me more and be more helpful if i'm not involved with him or the orphanage at this point. if you have the time to go read my blog, you should start from the beginning, not the most recent posts...my personal blog is stinatree.tumblr.com and i'm writing this to you from my old blogger blog :)
    i'm writing my autobiography for my home study which will be this thursday morning at 9:30am!!!!!! so i am looking forward to another day when i can read more of your story :)
    take care and i'm praying for you and your hubs as you wait for pita to come home with you.


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