11 February 2011

Week 6

It's funny to me how random these shots have been :) They are never planned, they just sort of happen.  Last night I was sorting and counting change (It's actually something that I have always loved doing, ever since I was a kid and learned how to count change).  We were so excited about our tracker moving up that we wondered how much change we have collected and saved.  Adam bet me that I couldn't count it all in one night (to be fair, he didn't know I had serious change counting skills).  Anyway after they were all sorted I was like, THIS is the photo for week 6. 

That seems to be how it happens every single week.
Pretty cool!!  Little moments, capturing my attention and wanting to be documented.  I really love this project and I am so glad that I have stuck with it.  Can we also just take a minute to reflect that we have already lived 6 weeks of 2011?  Crazyness how time flies.



  1. i love counting change!!
    it's been a simple pleaseure since i was a kid too.
    i'm so excited for you, you're so close to your goal for pita.
    truly amazing :)

  2. Oooops.....I was logged in as my hubby when I posted that last comment.


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