16 February 2011

The Pita Quilt!

The quilt top is sewn together and I am (slowly) hand embroidering names in each of the squares.  I wanted to make sure that each name was sewn with love <3 because I know what a special special memory quilt this will be for our little girl :)
Here are some close ups of some of the names so far:

I am spending tonight, during Parent Teacher conferences, embroidering more and more and more names :)

Have your purchased your square on Pita's quilt yet?  Don't you want your name embroidered as a lasting memory on this lovely quilt?
If not, grab your square here!

Also, while you are in the shop, check out everything because EVERYTHING is on sale!!
We are on the last lap of the fundraiser and we only have a little bit more to go!!
Let's reach the goal!!



  1. What a very special treasure this is going to be :-)

  2. love this! and those baby bums from the last past! cuteness!!! look at this shirt i found on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/54723437/i-run-with-scissors-fitted-tee?ref=tre-4d5d89d9d4fd6d915c8e448a-4

    thought you might think its cute!


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