16 February 2011

a baby bum...

Can we just talk about the cutest thing I have ever received?
Look at these adorable cloth diapers that my dear friend Christen sent me!!
She uses cloth diapers with her daughter and is a whiz at making her own.
I love that she used vintage fabrics and the sweet ruffle details...

Can you even believe the cuteness!?  
Little tiny baby bums! 
Too cute.  
I actually have these hanging in my craft room right now because they are too cute to hide away :)
Thank you so much Christen! I am in love <3


  1. LOL! Oh my goodness they are almost too cute for the uhm, well, you know...purpose. LOL! Love them!

  2. you're quilt is so cute!! I let a little note for you and pita on my blog. http://creationsfemin.blogspot.com/2011/02/happy-mail-to-and-from-janel.html

  3. those are the cutest. i want to use cloth diapers. everyone thinks i am crazy. haha can't wait to see her little bum in them. hehe


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