23 February 2011

TOMS love (and the winner)

Man oh man!
New TOMS in the new spring collection, means new items added to my "wants" list :)
Here are three pairs that would be perfect sitting in my closet right now :)

First up are these awesome black fingerprint looking pair.  My black sparkle TOMS are wearing out big time so I definitely need a new black pair at some point.  

Ok, the reason for me needing this pair is obvious right?  This pair is covered with the faces and hands of Africa!!  I have a very special connection to Africa now so I just really feel like I need to "represent."

And these I love for no particular reason except they are pretty.  I love the washed out look of them. I think they are pretty rad :)

Size 9.

Seriously though, these are the most comfortable shoes on the face of the earth PLUS they are part of an amazing cause.  That is why I love them so much!
Have a great Wednesday night.
Oh and the winner of Charlie's giveaway is...

Yay Natasha!!  Send me an email with your address and I will pass it on to Charlie so that she can get your goodies in the mail!!!
BTW- there are still two more sponsor spots available for March :)
You can grab yours right here!


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  1. i.love.toms.

    i have my green ones on right now.

    this weekend - i'm planning to add to my collections of 6 and get red as well as the black sparkly ones!!

    allister bee blog


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