09 August 2010

a little bit of random...

five snippets of randomness

1.  Today I went to get my hair colored and trimmed :)  I told the girl, "I would like my hair to be my natural color, all one color..."  She gets out the swatches and shows me that my natural hair color is only one shade lighter than black! Oh geeze.  Black is 01 and Janel is 02.  So, I decided to go 03.  My hair hasn't been this dark since I can remember!! I mean Ive had highlights and stuff since 5th grade when my older cousin went in to beauty school and my hair became her homework!!
I also got a manicure and pedicure, courtesy of the husband, so that I could be "polished" to go back to work this week.
Here is new hair and new nails a'la janel...(with my hair up :D)

2.  We all love adorable stationary right?  Well, I know that I do :)  My sweet BFF, Jenny has the cutest Etsy shop where she is selling adorable cards handmade by her!!  I love them a whole lot!  She even has a special section of cards where the proceeds go to help with our adoption!! love love love them :)

Seriously, her work is absolutely incredible :)  I am so proud of her shop!! She is so talented.  You need to check it out for yourself :)

3.  So, you know the cute giveaway I just featured!?  Well I announced the winner today for this adorable doll :)
Randomly, the winner of the giveaway was actually Eleanor's sweet, kind dad!! He entered it to support his daughter (dad's are the best!!) and then HE won!!  Now listen to how kind he is, he decided to give ME the doll as a gift for the real little Miss Pita when we get her!! Love it!! Thank you!!!

4.  I finished Lindsay's custom quilt!!  I love it so much and totally wish I could keep it :)  It is definitely so much more rewarding making a quilt for someone else!!

lovely right??  Remember if you are interested in having a custom quilt made, just email me and I will send you all of the details :)

5.  There are a few of us crafty ladies putting a "zine" together!!  We are writing about some of our favorite things! (Cooking, bloggers, non-profits, DIYS, trends, etc). Is that something you would be interested in reading? I'm way too excited to try and keep it a secret!! It is soooo cute and I hope you will subscribe!!!  Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the future!!

Three more days unil I am back to work!!! Ohmygoodness, it doesn't seem right??  I am really excited though.


  1. OMYGOSH I am so in love with my quilt!!!! It's perfect Janel!!! AHHHH!!! so perfect! Your hair and nails are adorable!! You look great with dark hair!!!! that was so sweet of Eleanor's dad to give you the Pita doll :) And Jenny's cards.. perfecto!! I bought some for myself!!!
    love you! and YES YES to the Zine for sure :)

  2. Holy Crap! You got a ton of things done!
    I love dark hair too! Looks great.

  3. your hair looks great! i love it!

    i'm going to check out your friend's etsy shop. those cards are so cute.

  4. LOVING your new hair! A LOT!

    Goodness me, I love the blue you used for Lindsay's quilt! It makes everything pop! I WANT IT!

    You're my favorite! Thank you for your sweet words! :)

  5. a) i love your hair and nails, they look beautiful on you.
    b) I would love to add to your zine.
    c) you're amazing. i love reading your updates.

  6. Love your hair, that's a great color on you! Lindsay's quilt is amazing!


  7. Love your hair and nails!

    I did some DIY - hair stuff today. Involved some scissors, a towel and a vacuum. ^_~

  8. about 2 months before my grandmother died...she gave me 8 quilt squares. She said she was making me a quilt, but she was just too tired to finish it. At that time she didn't know she was sick.

    The squares have the little dutch girl on them. Cany you turn these into a quilt for me? If so how much?

    Thanks so much, Noelle Friend-Schilke


  9. Ah that zine seems so cool! I just made a magazine as a final project in college - it took SO much work and I treated it like my own little baby. Can't wait to see what it turns out like!

  10. a zine?! count me in!


  11. Very nice hair and nails :)

  12. so best day ever? i would think so!! i'm loving the hair!!! and lindsay's quilt looks amazing! :)

  13. it is so cute that her dad gave you the doll!
    seriously, my heart basically melted. : )
    i'm sure pita will love her little doll.

    cute hair!

  14. ahhh I was looking for new stationary!! And these fit me perfectly :)I definitely need to check it out And cute hair cheeka!

    Thanks for sharing :) You always crack me up.


  15. I love your hair! It's soo beautiful.

    And, of course, the quilt is amazing. You are so talented!

  16. a zine?! love it!! and that quilt is lovely.

  17. Can't wait for the zine!!

  18. Love the hair! Dark looks good on you. It's always nice to be pampered. The hubby did a good job. :)

  19. A ZINE! you are seriously the coolest girl i know. ha, can i HELP!? i wish i lived near more crafty awesome people.. i would love to READ anything that was craft/diy/indie/retro/natural inspired. ANYTHING i tell ya!
    i will hAvE to subscribe :)

  20. how freaky!!
    We both dyed our hair the weekend AND i had a home-manicure...!!
    Pretty cool!
    Love the quilt too... at least I know i can mail you now if i need tips AND/OR help with mine!!


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