13 August 2010

many many thanks...

Thank you so much for all of your sweet words about the fabrics I am looking at for the baby quilt.  I also LOVED all of the suggestions.  I decided to keep looking on Etsy for a few more bold patterns to add to it for more balance :)
What do you think?
I can not wait to start putting this quilt together!! 
 I also have a very special friend (Lehua) putting a scrapbook together for me to document life while on this little adoption journey!!  She is seriously one of the cutest scrapbookers that I know and her style is so fresh and inspiring.  I want to have a section completely dedicated to all of my amazing friends who hosted fundraisers to help us out.  
Remember all of these cute items:

1.  From Justine:
Hi everyone, we are a team of sisters, who have a huge love a friendship bracelets and great causes. So we are combining both! We are selling our heart bracelets for $5.00 and donating $2.00 to Janel's adoption! We think its amazing how everyone is pooling together and we want to be apart of this amazing cause! So, if you are interested in what we are talking about, you can email us at justinelynn19@gmail.com with how many you would like, and 2 colors, but make sure you let us know what color you want your heart :). When we email you we will let you know how many days it will take until we can ship! And shipping is 41 cents! After we make the bracelet we will send you a picture, and if it is up to your liking we will send you the invoice!

2. From Amy:
 I definitely want to play a little part in Bringing Home Pita. I've chosen the Home print for this very reason...It's a 5x7 high-quality print for only $7... and all proceeds go towards Adam and Janel's adoption cause. Please support this amazing family. :)

3.From Lindsay:
"This badge was made special for a special cause. All proceeds will be donated to Janel and Adam to help in their mission to adopt their baby girl. 
This badge has a cut-out of Guatemala to represent their journey of bringing home Pita. Show your support by wearing this badge as a reminder that YOU played a special role in bringing a family together."

4.  From Eleanor:
Inspired by Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls, Pita is a plush version of the classic dolls created with Janel & Adam's little Pita in mind!   I'm  donating 25% of the purchase price of any of the other "Pita" plush matryoshka dolls sold in my shop to Janel & Adam!!!! 
If you see a doll you like, but maybe she doesn't have the hair color you want or perhaps you want a doll with blue eyes instead?  I would love to produce a custom doll for you! 
25% of any custom orders will also be donated to Janel & Adam for their adoption! 

5.  From Jenny
Just Sweet Love introduces Bringing Pita Home. These cards were made for a very special cause. A very good friend of mine is trying to adopt a baby from Guatemala. To help, I’ve made these cards for a special purpose – all proceeds will go toward her and her husband’s adoption cause to bring their baby home. 

6.  From Courtney
I designed this sticker for Janel and Adam in hopes that those who could not take her journaling class might be able to still donate (and get a little goodie too!) directly to her cause. As you may or may not know, Janel and her husband are looking to adopt a little girl (who we know as Pita) home from Guatemala. They need $5000.00 just to start the adoption process...

Oh I can't wait to show Pita all of the people who loved her so much before she was even here!!!  I just wanted to give another huge thank you to everyone who has helped out in any way.  I have gotten so many bottles filled with change, journal class participants, donations, and most importantly your encouraging words and prayers.  All of it blows me away and fills my heart with sooooo much love.
Thank you!!


  1. I am soooo happy everyone has pitched in and supported you and Adam through this life-changing and uplifting time. I love you so much Janel and you know I do anything I can to help you guys out. I can't wait to see you holding that little Pita in your arms. Your going to be the best Mommy!!! xoxo,

  2. everyone supports you 100%. you're very lucky people! & wow, that quilt looks absolutely perfect. you're going to make such an amazing mama. & kudos for scrapbooking it all - something i must get round to doing in my personal life.

  3. such sweet ladies with such big hearts and creative minds. :)

  4. Everything is so beautiful and creative. You are so blessed!


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