23 August 2010

Creative Juice

Dear Friends,
I am sooooo excited to announce that the very first issue of Creative Juice, the new zine I am part of, is ready for purchase!!!!
September's issue of Creative Juice is 14 color pages of recipes, DIY's, fashion tips, and artist features!!
Seriously this project has been so inspiring to work on.  The other ladies on this team are so amazing and I can truly say that you will be missing out if you don't check out this zine!!!
Here is a little peek inside for September...

I don't want to giveaway too much :)  
Here is how it will work:
We will be accepting pre-orders until September 1.
After that date, the zine's will be printed and shipped right to your front door!!
The cost for Creative Juice is $4 an issue and $1 for shipping of course.
All you have to do to pre-order your copy is click on the "Buy Now" button below!!
I seriously can NOT wait!!!
Thank you for your support, you won't be disappointed!! promises :)

and for our international friends:



  1. I adore your lovely blog !

  2. awesome! I just pre-ordered my copy!!!!! i can't stinking wait! if you guys ever have guest writers, let me know! I simply love journalism and writing!

  3. have u received ur lil parcel yet?! Woo for Creative Juice! It looks great! i love the cover!

  4. YESSS! I just pre-ordered and I so can't wait!! I need some good mail that isn't a bill. Haha!!


    `1 << that is e saying hi`

  5. Aww I love this soo much!
    I think it is so awesome that you are mazing a zine!

  6. have i mentioned lately how proud i am of you? i'm very proud of you.

  7. im in nz. can i have a copy? whats the shipping?

  8. Awesome!! I'm super excited for all of you lovelies!

    I can't wait to see it in person :)

    So obviously I couldn't pre order fast enough ;)

    xo. Kyla

  9. I just pre-ordered as well! I'm so excited! :D

  10. This is SO cool! I'm going to have to order my copy after this Friday, but I can't wait! Creative Juice is really what I need! :)

    Plushie magnet giveaway at my blog if you're interested Janel.....not many people entered so far!



  11. janel -

    omgosh!! i can't believe that (in response to the american girls...) that is amazingly awesome. i can see elsie and pita having american girl doll tea parties :) ahhhh!! do you actually get your dolls from the pleasant company?



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