27 August 2010

some things...

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Things going on...

1.  Im on vacation and I love it
2.  there are so many home baked cookies here and i want to eat them
3.  Im totally that girl who goes on vacation and misses their husband.
4.  I never thought I would be that girl!
5.  I also miss my dog
6.  I have no desire to scrapbook anymore and I used to be a scrap booking maniac!
7.  I want a new project :)
8.  I am going on a trip to Las Vegas in December with my mom and my sister, so exciting
9.  Jenny is going to meet us there!!
10.  I really want fall to hurry up and get here
11.  I drive a silver Honda Civic
12.  my nails are painted a magenta color
13.  this school year has been amazing!!  All of my classes are so wonderful :)
14.  I feel super blessed right now
15.  I can't wait to start my new Bible Study this week.
16. Im addicted to my lap top
17. and Diet Dr. Pepper
18.  My sister played a sneaky trick on me. I am one of those people who has vowed to NEVER read or see the Twilight series.  Who even knows why?!  So, anyway she has read the books and she LOVES them.  Like looooves them a whole lot. She has been trying to force these books on me now for 2 years. They will suddenly end up in my house, on my bookshelf, in my car....so randomly and sneakily but they end up back in her hands just as quick.  I WILL NEVER read them :) So, she planned this trip for us to go to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend at this scrapbook bed and breakfast.  I get in her car and we are listening to NPR.  Her car, her rules, her music, right??
All of a sudden I hear... Twilight by Stephanie Meyer....read by....
She got Twilight on CD!!!!!!
OMG! I could have killed her but at the same time It was hysterical to me that she had went to all of this trouble just to get me to "read" this book.
Confession:  We are on Chapter 4 and I can't wait to get back in the car!!!


  1. haha! That was so cute of your sister! I can't believe she actually went to that length, just to get you to 'read' Twilight series! Hilarous!

  2. reading about your sister forcing the audiobook on you made me LOL! >_< too funny

  3. ahahahahahahahahaha, I love twilight, not crazy love, but its a great love story. <3

    have fun!!

  4. twilight is a wonderful summer read (or in your case, "listen". enjoy feeling 14 and rooting for true love!

  5. hhahaa. that's funny (:
    sisters are devious like that aren't they?!

  6. ha ha ha that twlight story totally made my day!

  7. i will never read twilight, i am one of them people. I'm sorry you have now "read" twilight :(

    ps_have fun in Las Vegas when you go, my mom was going to take me in October for my 21st but it fell through.

  8. Maybe the new movie Vampires sucks would have been a good movie for you ;) But now you are a vampire lover aswel!

  9. So glad on not the only one who misses her husband when going on vaca. Haha. What bible study are you starting??


  10. lol! that is hysterical!! way to go nicole!! lol!!
    how long will you be in vegas? it's like 50 minute flight from me. hmmm.
    i miss your face! :-)
    ps. my scrapbook mojo has been long gone. trying to rekindle it. dear abby, what do i do to keep the spark alive? lol

  11. ahhaaaaa!!! i'm so happy! and a scrapbook bed&breakfast? i'm so jealous i could cry

  12. this is way too funny. i love it!

    hope you had a great time with the fam :)


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