12 August 2010


After I colored my hair to it's original darkness, I decided that I should go all the way and get some bangs too!! :)  So, Tuesday, while at my parents house, I held a chunk of my hair and had my mom cut them with her kitchen shears (nice!).
I seriously felt like a little kid.  Although, I don't think I ever cut my own hair when I was little, just my sisters :)
I only had her cut a little bit, because in all honesty, I wasn't sold them.
Every time I walked by the bathroom and saw the scissors still sitting there, I kept going back in and cutting more and more and more bangs.  Seriously, I was afraid I was going to be all bangs sooner or later!!
Well, I put the scissors away and I officially LOVE my new fringe!!

so cute!
Tonight was "Meet the Teachers" night at school and my official first day back to work. 
I am so excited about the new school year.
I got to see all of my old students and meet lots of new kindies. It was fun!
Tonight I have a zine meeting and I can not wait!
plus Project Runway!!

P.S.  my cute friend Lindsay is having a blog party tomorrow!!!! Check it out for sure!!!


  1. aww! Cute! I love bangs! I always trim my own. It's kinda fun! :)

  2. project runway=my life I can't wait any longer!

  3. How timely! A few hours ago I walked into my bathroom and the kitchen shears were sitting on the counter (I think from opening a product) and I just HAD to chop my bangs! I love cutting my hair. It is such a great feeling!

  4. Cute, love the bangs!


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bangs. so adorable!!!
    love you!

  6. YOU ARE SO CUTE!! goodness.

    Love that hair.

    thank you for you super sweet words. :]]


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