01 August 2010


It's that time again! Time to look back at goals from last month and time to create some new goals for this month!
Here is a look at last month's goals :)

Goals for July:

1. complete my 30 day journal challenge
2.  make 10 new items for my shop :)
3.  find at least 10 geocaches!  I found 12!
4.  Read 2 books I read 10!!
5.  get everything ready for bathroom and kitchen renovations finished the renovations too!

Yay! I totally completed all of my goals again this month. It seems it's a lot easier for me to complete my goals during the summer time when I am off work.  Speaking of work, this is my last week of summer break and I am back to teaching on the 12th!! Remember when school used to start in September?? Blah!
Okay, on to my August goals :)

Goals for August:

1.  finish custom quilt order
2. paint two new paintings
3.  Find at least 5 geocaches
4.  reach 1,000 blog followers
5.  Have everything ready at school for the first day :)

Ok.  Let's see what we can do this month!!  Did you set some goals for August??  We shall see if I can still complete everything on my list and be a full time art teacher :) lol!
Happy August 1st by the way!!


  1. My goal for August is to go to the gym - I joined a 6 week challenge thing at my gym so I want to complete it!

  2. I'm stealing this idea btw. :) I love lists and goals.

    Perfect first day of school will be part of my list as well. I always get super nervous!

  3. My goals for August are working on my "24 before 25" list lol But it would be a great idea to break that down and decide which ones I want to accomplish this month. Thanks for the idea!!!

  4. Awesome job on the goals! I wasn't able to meet all mine, but I did fairly well...I put my new goals up too!

  5. yay for finishing custom quilt this moth!! And I hope one of those paintings you paint will be for me ;P LOL Love you!!!! You did fantastic on your goals!!! :) I should do some!!

  6. Yay for goals!
    & yay for completing all of them for last month!!

  7. I love that you set a geocache goal for both months! I haven't gone caching in about a month. Maybe I need to make myself a goal?


  8. you're so good at completing them! that is awesome...xo

  9. omg i can't believe you have 990 followers...you are crazy girl! :) great job on the goals. can't wait to see your 30 before you are 31 book. sad i won't get to see you in september.

  10. ummmm i would LOVE to do a trade! What would I trade YOU, my dear? :) ideas?

  11. Hey- Decided to help you with your goals and became following 991! Love goal setting and I think I need to start doing this!

  12. I always love your to-do lists :)

  13. congrats on completely the old goals and good luck with the new ones. :)

  14. I want to start geocaching, but probably not this august cos I'm going home and something tells me this doesn't really exist where I come from.

    good job on your goals!

  15. That's awesome lol I should write my goals out bc I NEVER do them lolol

  16. Great job on completing all of your goals!

    That's crazy how early school starts in the States! It doesn't start until after Labour Day here in Canada!

  17. Oh and good luck on your goals this month! :)


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