03 August 2010

baby fever :)

I have totally caught it :)
I have been searching the internet high and low for cuuuute baby shops and blogs :)
I have found some, but as I have said in posts before, any new suggestions would be amazing.
please and thank you!
Here are some of the cute cute cute items that have my heart melting right now:
These adorable rooms that I saw on weheartit.

All of these cute items from Smile and Wave (she was kind enough to post tutorials with most of these too)!!

These adorable things from Fawn and Forest.  Im pretty sure i could spend hours and hours finding cute things on that website!!

** And here are some cute etsy finds as well :)

a custom boppy cover...way cute :)

this lovely amber teething necklace :)  I hear really good things about these!!

this sweet newborn hat

Oh geeze louise, I could seriously go on forever but I won't :)  I can't wait for like baby showers and all of that fun stuff!!  Too bad you can't register on Etsy!!
Suggestions please!!!!


  1. Actually... my friend found a way to register for her wedding on Etsy! If you want I could send you the info of how she did it =)


  2. not to be self-centered, but i think we have some cute stuff: http://www.etsy.com/shop/yourstrulydearBaby
    at least the recycling onesies, if you're into that :]

  3. your baby will be the luckiest one around! you will be such a great mama!


  4. Aww YAY!!
    How exciting!
    Love all these room ideas!!

  5. omg... registering on etsy... that's the greatest idea in the world.

  6. I'm planning on registering my wedding with some things from Etsy and I use the Amazon Universal Wishlist. I think you can download it from Amazon and it puts a button at the top of your browser window then ayou can add whatever you want! It's super convenient.

  7. that onesie is EPIC! Love it!

  8. So much adorable inspiration!


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