27 August 2010

it's Friday!!

Ok, just a quick update on the i heart fall class :)

After selling out of all the class spots and receiving a ton of emails, I opened up 20 more spots in the shop. There are now only four spots left, so grab them quickly if you are still interested!!  This will definitely be the last of them :)
Also, thank you for the amazing response to the fall themed journal kits in my shop!!
They all sold out as well :)
I love you so much
and somewhere out there, little Pita loves you too, and appreciates all of you for helping to bring us together <3

In other news...it's Friday :)
Im going out of town this weekend to a bed and breakfast with my sister.  It's a scrapbooking bed and breakfast on the lake.  My sister is going to be making her Honeymoon Album and I am going to be sitting their wishing I had any kind of motivation to create a wedding album.  Not happening. 
 So I'm packing my journal, Harry Potter 7, and my swimming suit :)
A weekend to relax and wind down after my first two weeks of school.
September is coming soon and with that brings soooooo many exciting things!!

p.s. today was school picture day! say cheeese :D


  1. wow, a scrapbooking b&b on a lake? sad that i'd never heard of such a thing? i think so! sounds perfect to me right now. have a wonderful time!

  2. I had no idea you had a fall journal kit, argh. I totally had a fight with Unemployment today, which means no signing up for the fall class. Double Argh. Surely things will look up soon...
    Happy Weekend!
    XO JennG

  3. I just signed up!! So excited!!


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