29 August 2010

around the house...

I just got home a little bit ago from my mini vacation with my sister.  It was super productive yet relaxing and fun :)
Although it was a great time, it always feels good to come home :)
Here is a little photo post of things I love around the house tonight:

1.  This girl!  I missed her so much and I love how she has made a little nest in the pile of blankets in the corner.

2.  My little Momiji collection that has double in size thanks to my sweet sweet friend Christen :)

3.  And speaking of Christen, look at this amazing little doll that she made and sent for little Miss Pita :)

4.  And now, speaking of Pita, here are some other cute things that I have acquired for her.

That darling octopus is from my other very sweet sweet friend Carol :)

5.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty yucky :(  My husband was sweet enough to get some of these for me.

6. really really cute mail

7.  My new cute Poketo "teacher bag" from Target.  All of their designs are amazing.

8.  I made the CUTEST vinyl stickers this weekend while on my trip!! I am seriosuly in love with them soooo much!!  I made a bunch of these wood grain leaf stickers that I listed in my Etsy shop:

and then I also made these for myself :D

They stick on everything!! They are durable and soooo super cute :)

9.  And finally, can we just talk about this for a second....

obsessed.  My sister new I would be and had all of her books and DVD's ready for me to take with me :) Oh geeze.  Team Edward.  I can NOT believe I even have a stance on that now :D lol.
night loves.


  1. haha I love this poost.. like a lot!!! finally sucked into Twilight!!!! about time!!! Love you pretty lady :)

  2. SO glad we share Twilight love now :)
    i got a poketo owl key chain at target! so stinkin cute.

    i love your guts!

  3. Yay! You got my letter!

    I also am obsessed with that Poketo bag! I love it so much! I need to save up my allowance and purchase it for myself :D

    PS, Team Edward all the way!

  4. I knew you would be hooked. Welcome to the world of Twilight addicts :P
    I love all your cute stuff btw and I'm glad you had a great trip.

  5. i'm like on the fence still with twilight. it's a love hate relationship. i love it and yet i hate it oh so much. haha.


    ps (the movies are badly done... fair warning... haha)

  6. i really like the design on that bag (:

  7. ooOOOoo those state shapes are fantastic!!

  8. i'm really loving hearing about your TCJ- Twilight Conversion Journey. that's what i'm calling it. :)

  9. wow. this post is FULL of pretty inspiration. your photos are always so bright and colourful, amazing!! there are so many things i love in this post...that bag, so cute! love the pattern and colours, those vinyl stickers i will definitely be purchasing some (once i get some extra monies for fun things) and all of the lovely pita gifties. so cute! i cannot wait for the day that you bring her home

  10. Those sweet dolls are adorable!
    I love that you are a twilighter now! :)

  11. laughing my butt off! nicole wins for most inventive way to hook-line-and-sink a new twi-hard! love it love it love! xoxo

  12. i love this post! it's so cute!!!

    i will have to check out twilight. i still have not read and or seen it. :(


  13. lol. i love twilight. i read the books before they were popular, so when the movies came out i was already sucked in. cute stickers! i can't wait for class to start!!!

  14. Love this list! Except maybe the Twilight... haha! I wish they had Target in Canada... I totally wanna buy some stuff from the Poketo line! I've been following their blog for so long.. ah, I'm jealous!


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