14 August 2010

cute idea!

Ok so I don't know about you but I seriously love looking a home inspiration photos.  I search Flickr almost daily looking at cute home tours and such.  I was thinking it would be really cool to do a little home tour of all of our homes together!!!
What do you think?? Would you be in?
It would be like a blog tour of a home tour.
Here is how it would go down...
One week
One room per day?
You can link your blog in the comments section of the featured room post so that we can all check it out.  Just make sure to link my blog on your posts!!
I'll go ahead and post the schedule now because if you are like me, some cleaning needs to be done before we take these pictures :) lol!

Monday:  Living Room

Tuesday:  Kitchen

Wednesday:  Spare bedroom/Child's bedroom

Thursday:  Master bedroom

Friday: Studio/Office space

Saturday:  Bathroom

Sunday:  Back yard/ (in my case, balcony)

Now, I know that all of us don't have all of those rooms in our home.  For example, I do not have a spare bedroom and I don't have a child's bedroom either.  In this situation, I think it would  be cool to substitute  in something else, for example a favorite corner, an entry way, etc.

Why I think this challenge is a great idea :D :
1.  It will challenge us to blog every day for a week
2. You already know what you are going to blog about so you don't have to think of an idea
3.  A great way to bring new traffic to your blog
4.  A great way to share and gather new home inspiration!!
5.  It's a great way to document what your house looks like at this time in your life...
Are you in??  If so, leave me a comment on this post!!!
Also, if you are in, share the idea on your blog so we can get more people to participate with us :)


  1. i'm trying to get my new house ready for a tour, so i could definitely partake! :)

  2. yes, yes, yes!! I love this. Lots of cleaning to do!!!

  3. seriously awesome idea!!!
    now i REALLLLLY heave to clean!

  4. oh! yes! me me me! i wanna play!

    :) saturday tends to be my cleaning day, so i can just clean today and take photos tomorrow. hooray! :)

  5. oh man!
    we wont be all moved in till september!
    but i cant wait to see everyones!

  6. man I want to do this, but I am on vacation for another week and wont be home to take pictures :( but im excited to see everyone's!

  7. Sounds like fun! I will have to do some major house cleaning though!


  8. Oh I love this idea!! I hope I am able to get Poot Manor clean in time:)
    Looking for decorating ideas on Flickr is one of my favorite past times. Love it!!

  9. Fantastic idea Janel!! I am in!

  10. I don't know yet whether I'll manage to join because of the cleaning part ;) but I will really follow your blogs.
    Good luck!

  11. I really like this idea, so i'll try to post everyday. i have school in the way though, so sorry if i'm not on time :/

  12. (sorry for the spam, i just thought of this) I'm going to just do one HUGE post on the home tour, on a day that i have time on. definitely sometime this week hopefully (:

  13. Ugh! I wish I wasn't going out of town this week! Otherwise I'd totally play along. Ah well. Next time :D

  14. Hi

    Im so in on this fun idea - just moved into a new house :-)

    Ohhh and hi Janel - don't think i've ever left a comment, but I have been visiting your blog for a looong time. Think you are great inspiration :-)

  15. Oooh, I love this idea! I'm in!

  16. me too! me too! Just discovered your blog through Miss Indie! What luck to find it on the day the tour starts!


  17. Oh! Oh! Oh! I am in, such fun! I will get started on this tonight when I get home from work. Fun!

  18. Oh I wish I saw this sooner!! Maybe I'll do what someone else suggested and do one big post of everything on one day. I live in a little studio so it won't even be that big a post =P
    I can't wait to see everyone's houses though!

  19. i want to participate so ill just catch up tomorow!


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