06 August 2010

it's friday night...

and all of the cool kids are sitting at home watching a Monk marathon and making quilts :)
oh, that's me!
Tonight I spent a few hours quilting the front and back of Lindsay's quilt!
Here is how it all went down:

I layed out my backing and taped it to the floor so that there was no slack...

pinning and pinning and pinning the night away...

cutting away the excess...

threading my machine and filling up bobbins...

and now lots and lots of quilting, and broken needles, and threading and re-threading said needles...

the amazing front of the quilt...

and the lovely lovely back of the quilt...
Pretty stinking amazing if I do say so myself :)  
The rest of this weekend will be dedicated to the binding so I can ship this baby out on Monday (hopefully)!!  I only know how to do binding by hand sewing it on so it tends to take a little while longer for that step.  I'm ok with that though because it ends up looking sooo much nicer that way!!
Ok, (yawn) it's time for me to read a bit and then head to bed for the night!
night loves!


  1. That is so adorable!!!! I wish that I knew how to sew...I was too busy goofing off in home ec to actually learn anything.

  2. Woooow! I'm dying for a sewing machine so I can make a quilt!!! How do you get those perfect criss-cross squares with your stitching? (I don't know the official quilt words yet!)

  3. I love it! I love those colors!! I really wish I knew how to quilt.

  4. I was a cool kid, too! I had the house to myself and I hid in my office with my sewing machine =)

  5. yea this is pretty much the most gorgeous quilt I have ever seen!!! It's amazing Janel! I cant wait to get it!!
    love you, you quilt.making.queen!!!!

  6. i NEED to learn how to sew asap

  7. it looks so amazing..she will love it im sure..
    the is a jump start reminding me i need to start on mine. thanks j!


  8. Looks fantastic Janel! I really like the bright blue backing with the pinks.

  9. that quilt is beautiful! I love those colors together, they look fantastic!


  10. Beautiful Janel!
    Lindsay is going to love it. I have all my pieces cut out for my first quilt and I am so nervous to start!
    Might need you to come visit and give me a little lesson:)
    Have a great Sunday!

  11. That quilt is so lovely Janel! :) :)
    the fabrics are gorgeous!
    I need to learn how to finish my quilt properly

  12. OH WOW! You have totally inspired me to try and make a quilt! Adorable!!

    PS: All the cool kids hang out with their sewing machines ;)

  13. Monk is one of my favvvvvvvvvourite shows! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Haha.

    I wish I could make quilts, yours looks great!


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