25 August 2010


I spend my nights trolling through the shops online and creating a baby registry!! 
I know it's going to be awhile before we adopt our baby girl BUT it is sooo much fun to look at all of the cute things out there!  I love it.  It has become an obsession :)
It's not so much a "registry" as it is a wish list of sorts for myself.  Most of the things on the list are definitely wants as opposed to needs.  They are all cutesy things as opposed to functional right now :)
This way I have everything that I LOVE stored on one list that I can refer back to when I have any kind of extra money.
Would you like to see my list of baby girl cuteness??
It's right here!

There were a few items that I just had to get though.  I needed something tangible that I could look at it and dream of somedays :)  I had gotten some extra money from helping my mom with some work so I decided to get three little gifts for my soon to be :)

from here

from here

from here

Is there anything else that I MUST add to my wish list?  Anything that you swear by for your little ones?  Anything just ridiculously cute??
Thank you!!


  1. it sounds weird but i kinda envy your little baby girl! you're gunna be the best mama ever (:

  2. Izzy has a couple things from June Craft, they are soooo cute...hummmm, she also has the cutest things from a shop called Bumblebird and Goodbyebluemonday on Etsy, they make the cutest dolls that look like they came right out of the 50's! Hope this helps, probably not your pocket book. Have a lovely day!!


  3. It tickles me that the other "must have" on your list, besides a crib, is a felt Massachusetts! :) lol...

  4. janel, this is so adorable. i think it is so great to see how excited you are and how you stay up nights thinking about your soon to be little girl. i hope this happens really soon for the both of you. i'm sure adoption is such an incredible process to go through and i can't wait until you share it with us :)

  5. That dog is sooo cute! I would totally want that if I ever had a baby girl!!
    Your future little one is going to be one lucky girl :) :)

  6. oh. i can NOT wait to see your little girl. you are going to be the BEST mama ever.

  7. i am in love with that little dog! oh so so cute!!

    my confession? i like online classes. i'm really really hooked. and i like buying kits... fun ones with fun things in them (mainly like journal kits and stuff like that). i also love winning stuff on blogs. it's crazy. (course who doesn't love winning stuff?? seriously... i love getting happy happy mail!! haha)


  8. The little dog is so cute. I must add that to my baby registry!

  9. Shhh... I've been doing this too!


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