18 August 2010

the spare space...

Why hello there!! 
Today's challenge was to document your spare bedroom/child's room. Unfortunately, we live in a one bedroom home so I don't have either of those rooms :)  So, instead I am going to give you a little tour of my entry-way.  I like to think it's pretty cute!!!
Here is my front door.
This is what you see from the outside:

and from the inside, going out...

The first thing you see is a closet with a mirrored door that says "Welcome Home"

This might be one of my most favorite places in our entire home...my little "Welcome" collage of art.
I love love love it!!  Usually this area changes with the season but as of right now...this is what it looks like :)

oh it makes me smile so much!!!
 A little bit further down the hallway, on the opposite side is this little set-up...

Adam and I like to write cute messages to each other here :)
At the end of the hallway (closest to the front door) I painted the entire wall with chalkboard paint and created  little message/organization station :)

and finally, here is a look at the entire hallway as a whole...all of those different shots made it look sooo spacy but seriously, look at how small this little hallway is :)

Leave me a comment and a link to your post where you share your "extra" room or space for today :)
Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  1. I totally failed and did the master bedroom today! I guess I was wishing it was Thursday :(

    Anyway, you have such a cute space! Love the bear hats :D

    My Master Bedroom is up here:


  2. I love your little "Welcome" wall!! Do you mind if I use a couple of your ideas??

  3. Oops I did the master bedroom today too, i will do Izzy's room tomorrow...not sure why I thought today was Thursday??? Love your little WELCOME space, cute! Here is my bedroom: http://mytwistedtree.blogspot.com/2010/08/in-our-bedroom.html


  4. im seriously in love with that chalkboard wall. you home is the cutest!!!!

  5. haha i figured i couldn't really do this house tour as i live in an open concept loft haha but i have definitely been enjoying everyone elses! i love your front hall...the art you have in the front is so cute and i love love love the chalkboard wall, i have saved it in my inspiration folder for when we get our own place!

  6. whoopsies... i TOO did my master bedroom... how did i get confused? i guess i have a spare bedroom but it is my studio/office space to be shared on thursday.... i will figure out something to share tomorrow....


    CUTE! your entry is very cute with the message board & the fun paintings & needlepoints. so wish I could paint my place but we rent for now.... i would be all over the chalkboard paint. :)

  7. I was wondering when is your next class im interest to attnd email me tmluvmdm@gmail.com to let me know ty

  8. love how you decorated your entry way! I'm loving this home tour, so much ideas that I can explore for my future home! :)

  9. I love how you've made your little space so bright! You've truly succeeded!

  10. chalkboard wall!?!? BRILLIANT!

  11. love how personal your house is that is what makes a home!

    here is a post I did about my laundry room a while ago...

  12. I love the "Hello" and "Goodbye" on the front door! How cute. All your welcome home art is great too.

    I blogged about my kitchen today, since I wasn't around yesterday.


    This has been a really fun idea! Thanks.

  13. I did my tour of Elton and Audrey's room for you miss j.
    I am really enjoying your idea!
    I also wanted to say - your home so far is loving and warm. Like the people that live there.

  14. oh my goshhhh janel
    i wanna come over! hehehe
    that is SOOOO cute. i am in love!!!

  15. i'm loving your photos-- your home has changed so much since i've been there! i can't wait to come over again! :)

  16. Here is my spare/kids room:

    Have an awesome day!


  17. I too thought yesterday was supposed to be the Master Bedroom. I was busy and knew I didn't have time to clean (it really needs it!) so I figured I would do it today.

    I ended up doing the spare bedroom first (since that's how it was supposed to be!) and am still working on finding the gumption to clean the master. Hopefully I get it done and posted today. Otherwise master & craft tomorrow.

    Your entry is adorable, by the way! Soooo much to love: hello/goodbye, chalkboard wall

  18. I love your hallway! From the mirrored "welcome Home" to the Chalkboard wall...which I have to say I wish my hubby would let me do in our home... I LOVE LOVE it...

    and your little pup is too adorable wondering what momma is doing??? too cute...


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