17 March 2010

spring break-day three

The weather was amazing today...spring dress type weather!! yes oh yes, I wore a dress :) Today I felt sooooo....Janel!!
What do you think?!

eeek! I can't wait to wear another one tomorrow too!!
I know, I am a nerd :)
And speaking of nerdy...today's Spring Break adventure took Adam, my mom and I back to Forest Park to visit the Missouri History Museum. Since it was Adam's day off we wanted to take him somewhere that we knew he would enjoy.
I was really excited because the exhibition was all about "Race."

It looked into the categories people are "put" into based on their race.
You know like, what is white? and what is black?
And we are all soooo mixed with different ethnicities there really isn't a white or a black or a whatever.
I loved it :)
My most favorite part of the exhibit was The Hapa Project.
Hapa is defined as mixed ethnic heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry.
It had all of these pictures of people and then their explanations of who they were or what they were made up of.

Here are some individual examples

I looooved reading through the book with all of the pictures! It's so great because people obviously can't be defined by their race or their ethnicity...well, that's my opinion anyway :)
In fact, they asked that you write a little snippet about any experiences you have had with race or racism.
Here is what I wrote :

It's funny because I am CONSTANTLY getting the question, "What are you?" meaning my ethnicity :)
Most people think that I have latino roots or that I am half black and half white. I have been asked why I am "mixed" and my sister isn't. Things like that :)
The Hapa Project really reminded me of this for some reason.
Oh and in case you were womdering :) I am mostly Irish and German with French, Russian, and Greek mixed in there as well. Although the Greek is like 4 generations back, I think it really really shows the most in me :)
Anyway, I loved it. The day was a lot of fun!!
The Missouri History Museum is really interactive and the displays are really cool! Check out this amazing 1950's kitchen.

I want one!!
After the museum, we came home to eat our little St. Patrick's Day treats from the Italian bakery yesterday.

Oh, and speaking of amazing. I received the MOST AMAZING Happy Mail package ever today from Meg :)
It is so amazing that I don't think I can ever live up to it's amazingness!!!
Check this out!! First of all, she made me an apron out of a vintage table cloth for my collection:

it is sooo precious and amazing and wonderful and perfect!! Thank you Meg!!
And here are the other amazing goodies. Each and every single item was picked out specifically for me and has a special little meaning for me too.

Meg, is a very special person obviously to go through that much trouble to make my entire month with her kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity :)
Thank you so much Meg!!!
ok, I think I am going to try and get Adam to take a little nap with me before Bible Study tonight :)
Have a great Wednesday! and Happy St. Patrick's Day too!


(image source)
I have decided that when I reach 500 blog followers I am going to do another giveaway :)
A thank you to my readers!
For this giveaway, I will be giving away 10 of my most favorite things!
I'm announcing this now so that I have some time to go out this week to buy and collect all ten things!!
I will post a picture of everything that you can win, the day I hit 500 followers and announce the giveaway :)
I'm excited!
You should be pretty excited too.


  1. oooo we have the same camera strap!! TWINS!

  2. wow you look gorgeous in your dress!!! You look so Janel!!!! :)
    That should be a new saying.. "You look so Janel" whenever someone is looking super fab that day!!!!

    Oh and I am a weird mix of Irish and Italian... and Scottish.. weird right???

    Meg does give some amazing Happy Mail!!!! Everything is SOOOOO cute!!!! oh em gee!!!!!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
    I love you!!!!!


  3. you look so cute in that dress!

  4. Another great day! We were looking at the picture of CAT. How cute. Love KAB

  5. You are looking hot in your pretty dress! I am so glad that you likes everything, and that you got the meaning to it all! I tend to get a little crazy when it comes to spoiling my friends, just a little! People always ask me what I am too, I even had one lady who cut my hair ask me if I was part ethnic, what does that mean? Well I am Irish, German, American Indian and I am sure a couple of other things mixed in as well! Have a wonderful evening! Love ya!

  6. I love the dress its so cute!!! What great home mail :D

    I get ask my race all the time too like if I am mixed or what yea I am a big ole mutt lol! I am Native American mixed with everything else haha

    Have a great one


  7. what a wonderful package!!! and you look delightful in your spring dress

  8. you look beautiful in your dress! yay for new clothes.

    manmate and I ended up at the history museum once. we didn't stay long because I think we just had to waste a few minutes, but it's a place worth exploring.

    happy st. patricks day!

  9. That dress is beautiful and You look amazing in it!!

    Meg rocks!! I never been her Happy Mail partner but I can tell by all the pictures I see.

    that cupcake or cake looks yummy--:D

  10. Janel, you look sooo pretty in your dress!! I really need to buy myself some!

    By the way the card you sent me was the highlight of my day. It really reminded me of what my purpose is. I don't think I have had anyone tell me that they can see God's light shine through me. And that is something I always strive for. It was so encouraging! I put the card up on my mirror to remind me everyday what my purpose is! Love you so much!

  11. Awesome happy mail!
    Your dress looks really great!!!
    Soooo pretty!!!

  12. I am excited! I forgot to tell you that I almost bought you your very own pair of ruby slippers, really! I found some, but I didn't know your size and I wanted you to be able to wear them! Have a great night!

  13. Okay you are rocking that dress. YOu look so pretty in it! I so have to pick up a few from that line. Dresses are so fun to wear! You are not a nerd!!
    That exhibit sounds amazing. Looks like you guys had a great day together.

  14. You look gorgeous in that dress, very spring perfect! I love that one pic that said "I don't like telling people I am danish, they think I am a pastry" hahaha oh what a giggle I had! I am Italian, french, native american, and german. I look more italian I think with my big nose lol. Oh and Meg rocks!! <3 Sonja

  15. What wonderful gifts!
    I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's day. I was planning on making green breakfast, lunch and dinner with green cupcakes for dessert... b ut totally forgot.
    I need to find a way to deal with my new mommy brain

  16. first of all, meg is amazing.

    okay now that we got that out of the way. you look SO janel. amazingly gorgeous.

    ps i love the hapa project. and you. <3

  17. okay hotness!!!!! please wear more dresses!!! like, serio!

  18. The dress is soo cute! You are such a pretty girl. :)

  19. I heart this post.

    You look amazing in that dress....soooooo cute!


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