02 March 2010


Oh my goodness I am in love with our bathroom :)
I can't help it!
It is sooo hard to take pictures in there because there is no natural light and there are too many reflective surfaces to use a flash.
I will definitely try though.
Here are some images to give you an idea.
We used "Oh so Pink" as our paint color:

I am going to be using this cute tutorial from Rachel to sew a cute ruffle of vintage fabric along my plain white fabric shower curtain :)

Oh and of course these lovelies!

I have also purchased some vintage metal locker baskets to set out with towels and such.

I also want to put a bunch of these on the wall in a little grouping:

I am really excited about the progress.
This summer when I am not working we are going to rip the cabinet out and the flooring and re-tile and everything!! Eeek!
Oh and speaking of pink...today I have been working on my mask for the RVA party Friday night :)

Now I just need to get serious about my "Queen of Hearts" costume for Erin's birthday party :)
Fun things are coming!!


  1. Your bathroom color makes me all swoony! I am in love with it, seriously. I wonder if my husband would let me paint his library/man-cave/thinking room/bathroom pink?

  2. Your bathroom sounds fun. Also, that mask reminds me of your bachelorette party.

  3. Love the color! I was going to try and meet all of you at the RVA party on Friday, but I don't think I am going to be able to get away, poo! I would really love to meet all of you guys! Maybe next time! Have a blast!

  4. I heart all the pink!

  5. Your bathroom sounds adorable!

  6. Oh it sounds so wonderful!
    I love pink!

  7. I love the pink color!!!!! I am such a cheater, Im using the I won from michelles giveaway for the mask party >.< Shhhhh

  8. Ok, LOVE that pink!
    Loving your mask and I am totally jealous--:(
    Have an awesome time with the girls.

  9. cute! I have washer/dryer envy lol! Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom!


  10. i hope someday i have a daughter so that i can overdose with pink and frills. love that your hubby suggested it!
    have a great time at the RVA party - and keep us in the loop with loads of pics - we're living vicariously through you ;)


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