20 March 2010


Oh my goodness! I have been soooo busy all last night and today working on custom orders (see post below). Have I told you all lately how much I love you!! Seriously my readers are the best!
I only need to sell two more custom pieces and the afghan will be mine!
I think that these last two that I need will be the last two that I do for awhile :) As much as I love doing them, my hand is starting to hurt :)
So, after these last two spots, it may be awhile before I accept any more custom orders.
Tomorrow, when I get some sunlight, I will share with you some of the new cuuuuute portraits I have done and other lovely illustrations as well :)
Ok, I am off to finish coloring in a very cute dino-loving couple right now!


  1. I can imagine the hand cramps you are getting!! You make such cute sketches though! I hope you get your afghan soon!! <3 Sonja

  2. janel, you are so amazing. you can't blame us for wanting your talents :)

    take some time off and work on etsy. you won't regret it. i love you and i'm proud of you. <3

  3. You are the sweetest, do you know that?!? I bet your hand hurts, goodness! I can't wait to see mine, I know that I will LOVE it!! I am sure that you will get those last two in no time!! Have a wonderful Sunday with you hubby!

  4. awwwwww I hope your hand feels better!!! Take it to the spa!!!! hehe

  5. such beautiful sketches!


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