16 March 2010

spring break- day two

Today was soooo much fun!
My mom and I decided to head down to Forest Park and hit up the St. Louis Zoo.
First of all let me just say that St. Louis has an amazing zoo. It is one of the best in the USA and it's FREE which makes it even better :)
I have been to the zoo a million times but today I swear I was looking at all of the animals with new eyes. I was mesmerized with each animals unique qualities and abilities. It was really really cool.
Here are some neat pictures from today:

I have a picture of me, my sister, and my cousin all sitting in this hippo's mouth when we were little!
The hippo's were soooo amazing and soooo close :)

a cheetah

I literally took I think 40 pictures of the elephants. They were so massive and magical and just AMAZING!

I have seen all three of these elephants as babies which is pretty cool. We also have two more baby elephants due at our zoo in the Spring of 2011. Three years of pregnancy=yikes!
The gorillas seriously almost seemed fake for some reason. Like I said, I was looking at these animals with new eyes and it was just unreal to me looking at these gorillas and seeing so many human like qualities too. It was crazy cool!
These monkeys were soooo cute and so in love. They were cleaning each other and kissing forever!!

a cute little yawn :)

Finally, we hit up the penguin and puffin cove:

look how cute this sprawled out grizzly bear is:

and of course, I took this picture for Lindsay :)

We walked all over the zoo for about two hours.
After the zoo we went to The Hill which is a FULL Italian little community. It is the cutest little place with the most amazing genuine Italian food. It was delicious! We ate at Guido's and then went to an Italian bakery for delicious treats.
So, today was another GREAT day of Spring Break fun Tomorrow is Wednesday which means that Adam doesn't have to work!! I am so excited to spend a fun day with him :)
love love love!


  1. oh my gosh you are tooo amazing!! You are so cute taking that pic for me :) LOVVVVEEEE YOU!!!! That panda is seriously tooo cute!!!!!!! All the pics turned out gorgeous, I love the one with the hippos ears coming out of the water!!! so breathtaking, looks like something you would see on National Geographic!! I can't wait to go to the zoo when it warms up here!!! Love you!

  2. looks like you've got great weather there too! what a fun mother/daughter day! (and I love your nails!)

  3. It is one thing that I am going to miss so much when I move to Springfield this May... my favorite is the penguins... Stinky but so freakin cute! -Katie

  4. The penguins & puffins are my faaaave!!! The St. Louis Zoo is one of our favorite places to go! Always a fun time! Such great pics! What a wonderful day!!!!

  5. We went to St. Louis on vacation last summer, we didn't want go too far from home since I was about ready to pop, and I LOVED the zoo, one the of best I have ever been to. The penguin place was my favorite, probably because it was cold and I was a huge pregnant mess! I loved watching them play! I am so glad you had a good day and are having such a nice break. Have fun tomorrow with your hubby!

  6. Great pictures. I love the elephants too. They are so magical and cute!! I bought a pink elephant today while out thrifting!
    We drove through The Hill when we left St. Louis and it is such a cute neighborhood. We will definitely be eating there when we come back.
    Looks like you had a great day. Enjoy tomorrow with Adam.

  7. I love the zoo, I could go a million times and never get bored! Those monkeys kissing made me smile, it is so sweet! Glad you are having a wonderful spring break!! <3 Sonja

  8. the pics of the elephants are great! baby elephants would be unreal to see!
    hope you enjoy your day with your sweetie tomorrow!

  9. Another amazing day! I love all the pictures.
    Have a super day with you honey!

  10. Ummm, when you said you had a photo with you, your sister and your cousin I thought you were talking about us, but then you said when we were little. I definitely have a photo of all of us at the zoo. Looks like you had a great day!

  11. i wanna go to the zoo with you. thought of the day.

  12. Oh Lord! I LOVE zoo's! I can't believe that one is free! I love Denver zoo :)
    COsta Rica's zoo sucks, I mean its pathetic and sad. Poor animales, ggrr makes me so mad!
    awwww :')


  13. I was at that same zoo the day before! I took a million pictures of the elephants, too ;) Especially the one playing with the dangly-toy. He was SO adorable.


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