24 March 2010

it's back!

We have Dunkin Donuts again in Missouri!!!
Now, I never thought I would be so excited about a Dunkin Donuts but after spending almost a month in Massachusetts this summer...I got kind of addicted. There were times when I wanted to ask one of Adam's sisters to overnight me some munchkins but NEVER FEAR! They just opened one right next to Adam's work!
So, Margot, you can come back and visit now to get your DD cawfee!!
In other news, I decided to do a cut off on the craft swap (post below) so that the participants wouldn't get overwhelemed with all of the crafts they had to make.
The cut off will be 30 participants sooooo....we have four spots left!!!
Ummmm....is anyone else soooo insanely excited about this class coming up?!

I am!!
AND this weather is amazing.
AND Im getting custom "run with scissors" buttons made which makes me really happy! I can't wait!
AND I am loving my Indie Biz class.
AND my nails are a lovely shade of lavender.
AND I finished my journal last night and have started a new one which is ALWAYS exciting!
AND I think I am on a major sugar rush right now from the donuts!
Ok, enough ADHD for now.
Happy Wednesday my friends.
I love you!


  1. Me!!! I am so so excited about the class. I bet you couldn't tell?

    Yummo!!--your making me hungry.

  2. Hello! I just wanted to bring to your attention that on the swap comments my name is on twice as Amy said and then I wrote to let you know so there is another comment from Amy said...so 2 of the three can be deleted...Sorry...

  3. oooh i want in! me me pick me! i love craft swaps!

    : )

  4. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
    i loooooooooooove Dunkin Donuts. UGH!!!

    My fiancé and I worked at the same thrift store over the summer, so when we carpooled to work, we ate Dunkin's almost every day.

    Cinnamon Munchkins or Cinnamon Raisin Bagel are my FAVORTIES!

  5. Hahaha! The first thing I thought of when I read that was "Now Margot can come back!!!!" We love you, Margot!!!!

    I'm sooo excited about Rachel & Elsie's class!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!

    You'll have to give me the scoop on these buttons you're ordering! That's exciting!

    Love you! xo

  6. HA HA!! i live in rhode island and we are surrounded by dunkin . . . it's funny though cause i am from the Pacific Northwest originally. this made me in to a coffee snob. so i never actually go to DD. but it was an eye opener to see how many people depend on it daily for caffeine and donuts!

  7. mmmmmmm dunkin donuts!!! yum!!! I want to take the class but still havent finished Style School >.< Ill prolly decide last minute lol! wow you already finished that huge journal you had in SF already? WOW!!!

  8. Oh no! I just commented on the Craft Swap I hope I'm in!!! I'm so excited for that class too! I just took Vivs art journaling class & I hope to extend my journaling & take Rachel & Elsie's class!!! How exciting! I love Dunkin Donuts! They're soooo bad but SOOOO good! =)

  9. I love donuts and those are some of the best! I am excited about the craft swap!


  10. I just found your blog today, and I love it!

  11. my nails are lavendar too...liliacism by essie to be specific :)

  12. Hello! I sent you an email about the swap let me know if I made it in :)
    and from DD I love the chocolate croissant , yummy!

  13. i want to take that class, looks so fun, just dont know if i can spend the money...

    where are you getting your buttons made? james keeps wanting me to make some for violet bella...

    im so excited about my drawing!!!

  14. We have a DD here but I have NEVER been there and probably never will. I'm a little donut crazy and would probably move in if I ever set foot in there! I L-O-V-E me some donuts!

  15. yum!!im obsessed with donuts!
    and cant wait for the journal class!

  16. OH-EM-GEE we don't have dunkin donuts here either. NUTS!

  17. i'm excited, i'm excited!!!

    can't wait for the journalling class.

    AND--isn't the indie biz class SO GOOD?!

  18. starbucks is for lattes, DD is for cawfee. <3

  19. Ahhhhh I so wanna take that class! I gotta save $$$ like crazy so I can take it!! I hope I make it!


  20. (and I've never had dunkin' donuts *blush*) but I want too... only my lame-o town doesn't have a dd :(


  21. Lovin' the Dunkin Donuts. So glad that they have Dunkin Donuts in the Lou. I'm originally from Florida and when I heard that DD was finally going to be on the scene here I was watching its progress like a hawk!

    Love your blog!

  22. this is very good news!!! i love DD and this will make visiting even more better hehehe <3

  23. JUST READ THIS! hahahahha .hahahhaha yayyy welcome back dd!!

  24. I haven't had Dunkin Donuts for more than 14 years! I miss it so much! We don't have it here in L.A.!


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