12 March 2010

updated birthday wish list :)

April 5 is coming up really quickly!!
There really isn't anything that I NEED at all for my birthday. I am blessed to the measure when it comes to things I need and alot of things that I want too.
Since I couldn't come up with a single thing for my parent's to get me, my mom came up with the amazing idea of taking me to get my hair cut and colored (finally!!) and a manicure and pedicure. This will be an early birthday present because my Spring Break is this week and I need hair color really bad :)
So, I decided that I needed to search the internet world and find some other things that are WANTS for my birthday, in case anybody wants to know :)
Speaking of my birthday...my sister is throwing me a party! The theme is going to be cowboys and indians and it is going to be amazing!! Word on the street is she's even going to build a tee-pee!! eeeek!
This sight has amazing inspiration pictures. This is exactly what we are going for:

We usually wouldn't go to these types of extremes for my birthday but it is the BIG 3-0 :) Can you believe I am going to be 30 in 24 days?? Insane. I will be posting an invitation when I get one because if any of you are around St. Louis on April 10, I want you to be there!!!
So, here is a short list of things that I would love to own :)
Tons and tons of instax mini film please!!!

I loooove this necklace from Violet Bella ;)

maybe this charm?

or maybe this charm for my charm bracelet?

these TOMS! I love them oh so much.

Some cross-stitched earrings :)

Any pink flower inspired vintage paint-by-numbers! I adore this one!!

I hope I don't sound greedy :) I really am only posting things because a girl likes to dream.
So, if you have any cute not cheesy ideas for a cowboys and indians themed adult birthday party, I would love to hear them :)
Have a great Friday!!


  1. What a cuuuute party theme!! & that pretzel is way too sweet :)

  2. I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you!!! Those charms are super cute!!!
    <33333333333333333 you!

  3. I wish I were in the area... I'd love to meet and celebrate you!!!! I love the theme. SO much! xo

  4. What a creative theme for your big 3-0! I love it! You guys will definitely need to craft some beautiful headdresses!


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