11 March 2010

love forever

Tonight Adam and I watched "Where The Wild Things Are." He's recovering so we had to do something low key and I have been dying to watch it again ever since I saw it at the theaters.
We howled a lot :)
So, of course, after watching it, all I wanted to do was build another fort, a better fort, an even more magical fort than what we built before.
As soon as Adam gets better, we are somehow going to transform our bedroom, or at least the bed, into the best fort ever.
Here are some amazing fort pictures that I found over Here, for inspiration.

I will love forts forever. I wish I had a picture of the amazing fort my roommate, Suzie, and I built in college. Talk about awesome!
I can't wait to have children to build forts with and read books with them under it.
love love love.
I promise that as soon as ours gets built, I will share pictures.
Adam is bruising pretty bad (which is apparently normal but not fun) so we are going to bed for the night so he can rest.
I love you!


  1. I totally want to see that movie now! :) Best to you and your hubbie!

  2. I could eat you up, I love you so.

    Grayson still howls A LOT. lol

    I can't wait to buy it and watch it again and again.

  3. we missed it in theaters and JUST saw it for the first time. (LOVED it!) I could definitely live in that second photo.

    hope he's feeling better soon! xo

  4. I want to see that movie so bad!! I love forts! My hubby and I build them with our daughter, she thinks they are the coolest! Love the pics! <3 Sonja

  5. I have been wanting to see that movie. I pray that your husband will have a speedy recovery. By the way... love the idea of making a tent and reading to your children. You will be such a great mommy!! :)

  6. Big hugs for you Adam. You have a wonderful nurse to look after you.
    You are a sweet couple. A better heart....more room for love.

  7. I've been wanting to build a fort for a while and this post gave me some ideas.

  8. hi janel, i´m wishing adam a very quick recovery and all the best!! we love forts too, my boys build alot of them... but not so whimsical! :-)
    love reading your blog...
    best wishes from germany

  9. We went to see it but I want it. :D

    I wish I had pics of our forts we would build at our grandparents house. They were so cool and huge!

    I hope your dh is feeling better soon. ((HUGS)) to him and you!

  10. That is a great movie! Love the photos, I am sure that my hubby would love to build a fort all over our home for the kids to play in. Hope that you husband feels better soon! Have a great weekend!

  11. ♥ the forts....we used to build them as kids....there's just something so safe/secure feeling about them.

    Blessings to your hubby and you. See you later!

  12. i wish i had someone to build a fort with! :(

  13. This is so cute :) Still havnt seen that movie, but want to!! Forts are awesome! I still need to make one for my little guy :)

  14. so cute, i hope adam is feeling well!! you guys are the cutest.
    i love that movie. and forts!

  15. I want to see that movie badly!!! I remember making forst when I was a kid, I should totally make one soon like... this weekend!!!
    love ya!

  16. i am actually in the process of painting a series blanket fort paintings! i should be posting them soon, come have look in the next couple weeks:

  17. i love these forts!! so magical!


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