15 March 2010

today was amazing!

Today, my mom and I had a birthday day!!
I know my birthday is still a few weeks away but today was all about my birthday :)
Like I said before, I couldn't come up with a gift idea so my mom decided to do some pampering!
First stop, she took me to get my hair cut (just a trim) and highlighted.

The last time I had my hair done was in October! Insane. I have been wanting to get some color (to hide all of these grays) forever so it was truly a blessing to have all of this done today :)
Our next stop was Target. I had to do some Liberty of London viewing, and ended up doing some shopping too!!
My lovely friend, Amy, gave me some style tips while in Springfield. She told me to just start dressing the way I want, and not how I feel like I have to.
Soooo, after some serious prodding by my mom, I tried on some flirty, fun, spring dresses. And I flipping LOVED them!!! I was so happy with the way I looked, I almost got teary! I have wanted to wear dresses but just didn't for soooooo long! Here are some pics (from the Target website) of the dresses that I scored today :)

and as another little birthday treat...my mom bought Adam and I this amaaaaaazing Liberty of London comforter set!!

It is even more stunning in person. love love love it!!
Our final stop was our nail place where I was treated to a manicure and pedicure (again, haven't been able to do this in FOREVER).
Check it out! I am in loooooove with this color "Refresh Mint" by China Glaze.

my nails and toes are all this lovely color :)

It goes so great with my new comforter:)
So, in conclusion...thank you so much mom for making the beginning of my 30th birthday so incredible amazing and for treating me to day of pampering which I never could have done without you :) Seriously, best.day!! I love you so much.

And on another note...I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing response to my journal pages. I have been getting requests like crazy crazy!! I am so incredibly humbled :) Thank you thank you!
For those of you who wanted to know...I am charging $20 for an 8x10, that is shipping included too. I can do custom anything or a reproduction of any other journal page of mine that you have seen. Again, if you are interested my email is janel(dot)maclean(at)gmail(dot)com.

I love love love you all.


  1. oooh, I've ordered that same polish, just waiting for it to arrive in the mail! The color looks dreamy.

    Those dresses are beautiful, and I'm sure you look beautiful in them! Wear them with confidence. :) I'm going to try to wear more dresses this summer too, once my baby belly is gone.

  2. Super cute!!! I'm so happy for you and your wonderful day!!! Love the nails too!
    I love that comforter! I want something new and bright with color! I need to check out everything at Tar-jay that EVERYBODY seems to be talking about!!!
    You rock.

  3. U r goin to look fab in those dresses! Can't wait to check out all this l.o.l. stuff at target. That comforter is to die for. Beauty-ful.

  4. What a great day! I have been wanting to wear dresses lately, but I never think they look good on me. Maybe 30 will have to be a year of dresses for me, too. ;)

    P.S. LOVE the nail polish!


  5. i love your art! it's awesome! i really wish i could draw like that!!

    good luck!


  6. I was just thinking of you!! How is your hubby doing??
    You got some super cute dresses and comforter!!! What a wonderful way to spend a birthday by spreading out the celebration!!! Have fun! And that is great advise that Amy gave you!! Thanks for sharing. I needed to hear that as well!!! Have a great one.

  7. Happy birthday babe I miss you both very much and wish I was closer.XOXO

  8. I love the dresses! And I can't wait to see pictures of YOU in them!!! =) Remember, confidence is the most stunning accessory! xoxo

  9. Pretty nail color!! & I love those dresses! Really like the middle one :)

  10. ahh you know i love the polish and the dresses. you are so prettypretty.

    i'm so glad you took my style advice. did you read my recent playing dress*up post? it's all about that. :] i kind of wrote it with you in mind.


  11. Those dresses are sooo pretty! I'm sure you look stunning in them! I wore that one dress I have to church and I got tons of compliments. Makes me want to wear more dresses. Maybe spring time is a great time to start! And your comforter is gorgeous! I need a new one bad! Love you! <3

  12. It's so nice to have time with mom's love every minute I spend with mine! Those dresses are beautiful, I think that I need to take that advice myself, I dress like I should be heading for bed or the gym all of the time! Your nails looks so pretty, I got some new polish yesterday that is similar to that color, it makes me feel Springy! You should be getting your goodies tomorrow, hopefully! Have a wonderful day!

  13. AWWW I bet you look so pretty in your new dresses!!! Your hair is gorgeous, I seriously need a cut and layer badly!!!!! Isn't being pampered the best??? I love your nail polish!!! I can't wait to get my pretty mint in!!!

    oh and your comforter is off the heazy for sheezy :)

  14. Happy happy birthday! i got a Liberty dress Sunday and I'm thinking of going back for more. it's not my birthday though I can say it's in honor of your birthday! don't you just love moms? ( :

  15. That comforter set is beautiful! Happy eeearly birthday! Glad you enjoyed your day :)

  16. What a great day....you have a fantastic Mom!

  17. WOW i am so jealous of your day. 1st --love the comforter, dresses and nail polish.

    2nd how cool is it to spend a whole day with your mommy. My mom lives in my hometown so i don't get to spend time with her.

    3rd your hair looks and your beautiful!!!

  18. What an awesome Mom/daughter day! I love the mint color. I've been looking for the perfect color for a few weeks and just bought Mint Candy Apple. I'm LOVING Mint this spring, if you can't tell from my latest blogs hehe. I love your cute comforter too, and the sock monkey hehe!


  19. All of your new goodies are awesome, but that bedspread is AMAAAAAZING! I love it!
    Happy Early Birthday

  20. oh my goodness, it looks like you had a wonderful birthday day! love everything you featured!

  21. I treasured our time together! Love KAB

  22. Hi there! I found your blog and I love it!
    I add your button in my blog for share your work. A lot of hugs from Chile :D

  23. i love that colour nail polish so much.
    what a fantastic day - i think you made the right decision on buying those fun dresses!
    you're gorgeous - own it!

  24. pretty pretty dresses!! i love the one shoulder one...i don't have any dresses like that so it's my goal to get one or two this summer :) i'm sure you will look beautiful in them!!

    everyone is all about the mint nails lately eh? i have mine on right now (essie brand though)

    i am soooo sad that canada doesn't have target as i have been seeing that line on eeeeveryones blog and it is oh so pretty :(

  25. I knew we were soul sisters... birthday months are def the best!!
    Love you girl .....


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