09 March 2010

Blog Feature: Christen

1. Tell us about yourself! (your name, your age, what you do etc)

my name is christen krumm from creating little pieces of happiness (http://christenkrumm.blogspot.com). i'm a 24 year old college graduate who now spends her time changing diapers, rescuing the binkie from the dog, creating fun stuff, and trying not to burn dinner.

2. What kind of crafts (or other hobbies) are you into right now?

i love to make dolls -- (hoping to start an etsy shop april 1st) i love to scrapbook and make other random goodness from paper (like messes -- i'm the queen at making messes) i also love to follow tutorials (like everything rachel denbow posts) and make fun little things for elsie (my baby girl).

3. What are some of your current obsessions?

mini albums! i love them so much. i want to make a whole whole bunch... and i need to start instead of drooling over everyone elses and dreaming them up.

4. What is one of your crafty goals (or other goals) for 2010?

i want to journal more -- draw in my journal, write in my journal, live in my journal (and make it really cool like janels :) )
i also want to learn how to make granny squares. my little sis is going to teach me...

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?

it's the daily (sometimes weekly) ramblings of me! and believe me ... sometimes it is crazy stuff... i'm a new mother with lack of sleep!!

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs! (with the links so I can link them)

i have like 35 (no joke) blogs that i just love to follow and have to read daily (i apparently have no life...haha)... how about i give you my newest finds that have made it to the list :)

promise tangeman art and design (lots of inspiration)
prudent baby (because it's filled with so many dyis!!)
it's me kp!! (scrappin' pretties)
i just might explode (i just can't explain the awesomeness)
r's adventure (just found today and i'm loving it!)

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