22 March 2010

Dear Sister,

My sister and I have this thing where we ALWAYS buy matching rings or bracelets pretty much anytime we see some that we love. Usually, our sister accessories come from special places though. Anyway, this weekend I learned that my sister thinks that I give away all of MY sister stuff to people if they like them. (to her defense I am really bad about giving my stuff away to people if they say they like it). I would NEVER give away a sister bracelet or ring fo sho!
Well...I did give away a sister ring one time, but it was to a lady who was dying of cancer and she just Love love loved it so much. She was even burried with it on :) So, that one time barely counts.
So Nicole, I went through my jewelry box and here is what I have sister wise:

Beat that! I am expecting a post on your blog showing me that you have each and every one of those sister accessories :)
Am I missing any that you have?
AND what about this amazing polaroid ring for our next sister purchase?

And to everyone else: Here is another custom portrait that I finished today of DeAndra! soooo loving this one :)
custom portrait
Okay, back to work :) I will definitely be back later tonight with a new color crush :)


  1. How sweet, my sister and I don't wear matching anything, we have completely different taste!! I love the drawing for DeAndra!

  2. Yay!!!! I LOVE it! I cannot wait to get it and I'll send you a pic when I get it put up! I'll smile everytime I look at it! Thanks!

  3. Where can you find that polaroid ring? I want one.

  4. Man that ring is beautiful and I love your nail polish.

    I have been crushing on that Polaroid ring.

  5. I thought you always lost the sister accessories, not gave them away. But that's just what I've heard through the grapevine. :)

  6. that's super sweet and fun! My sister and I have totally opposite tastes, this could never work for us. Maybe I could try this with a best friend.
    I love all your portraits you've been making!

  7. i have 6 sisters. we aren't all super close due to age differences and distance (living on opposite sides of the country will do that) but when we do get together - it's a riot! my oldest sister just had a baby and i am SO EXCITED to fly to Tulsa next month to meet her! yay!


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