01 March 2010


It's March 1 which means that it is time to reflect on past goals and time to create some new ones :)
Here we go!! The bolded ones are the ones that were accomplished :)

February Goals:
1. Make something cute for valentine's day (home-made gifts only)
2. take a picture of Adam and I on our 1 year anniversary (one year already!!!)
3. work out at least 4 times a week
4. get highlights
5. read 2 books
6. be a blessing daily
7. come up with an idea for my 30th birthday
8. get our washing machine fixed or get a new one

March Goals:
* finish bathroom makeover
* plan my birthday party
* take care of Adam after his heart surgery
* continue my "40 days of Blessings"
* paint 3 paintings
* embroider and do a painting for Jamie
* make something orange for Jamie
* participate in Happy Mail:)


  1. I love your blog so much!
    good luck with all your goals. I should make myself a goal page.

  2. Love you! Can't wait to give you a big hug in 3 DAYS!!!! Ok, 2 1/2. ;)

  3. Loving the list! Good luck with all of your March goals! Not only are we Happy Mail partners, we are also classmates in Indie School! Yay! Have a wonderful March 1st!

  4. those are great ideas!

  5. well done on the feb goals!
    can't wait to see what you'll plan for your birthday, but i know you'll make it great.
    i've just updated my year goals, too. love the feeling of crossing things off!

  6. Great list--You should feel really good being able to cross off most of the goals before March.

    Happy March to you!!

  7. your goals are inspiring me!
    i've fallen of my creative wagon... need to get back on :)
    and happy belated anniversary! you guys are too cute

  8. Awesome job on your February goals~ Love the March ones too!!

  9. YAY! happy mail is fuuun


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