18 March 2010

let's make a deal :)

First off, I have seriously LOVED working on all of these custom illustrations!! They have been so much fun and challenging and stressful and wonderful all at the same time. I love adding all of the little personal touches to each illustration. I think it's what brings each picture to life :)
I sent six of them off today without taking pictures of them which I am pretty bummed about
BUT I finished a custom journal page and a custom couple portrait tonight that I did manage to take a picture of:
(It's late and there is no natural light so please don't mind the flash and it's effect on the colors :D)

Here are some of my other favorite portraits so far (that I actually got pictures of)

and here are some of the other ones that I have been asked to recreate or to do variations of these (these are the originals from my journal though):


So, here is my plan...I really really really want a custom granny square afghan for my home, something that starts with me and can be passed down for generations :)
I love this one that I found on Etsy...

but, it's $150 which is way more than I have :)
So, my idea is this...I have been charging $20 for my custom portraits and journal pages BUT for this weekend only I am going to offer them to my blog readers for only $10 a piece!! That is pretty much a steal considering they take me hours to do :)
$10 includes shipping and all that jazz too.
I figure if I can get just 15 friends who want an illustration this weekend, I can earn my granny square afghan. it's a win/win deal :)
I can do adults, children, couples, pretty much anything and I can also add lots of little details to you illustration too to make it more personal :)
What do you think??
If you are interested, email me at janel.maclean@gmail.com, and we can get it all set up!!!
I am really excited! I am so appreciative to everyone who has already believed in my art and supported me already :) There are no words to describe that feeling!
Ok, I am off to bed my lovely friends.
Good night!


  1. So so so perfect. I want one really bad. And u must have that granny square afghan. Crossing my fingers so u can get it.
    Love u

  2. Again you are such a great artist!!! Love the Two Poots one but I also love that gal you made it for!!!! :) All of your artwork is amazing!!!! God has blessed you with a wonderful talent!! Keep up the good work! I hope that you are able to get your afghan!!!

  3. awww thank you girls!!! I am really excited to get started on both of your illustrations :)

  4. this is such a great idea!! i know you can do this. you are one of the smartest women i know and will be suchhh a successful artist.

  5. Janel your the sweetest Darling ever. Count me in. I have to decide what i would like of all your amazing drawings. You´re so amazing talented.

    And Yeah for Granny square afghans.

  6. I love these! Such a talented lady! I may have to have you make one for me soon!! Love ya!

  7. Oh my goodness!! I am so excited to receive my drawings. Seriously Janel... it made my morning. Mr. Poot looks so cute!! And I love that you have me wearing my crochet earrings. Love the details. I will take pictures as soon as I have them framed and up in our new bedroom. You rock!!
    That afghan is beautiful. I know you will be a proud owner of it this weekend. Thanks again sweetie!

  8. i have been wanting one, so this is too good to pass up! you can email me at violet_bella {at} hotmail {dot} com for details!!!


  9. How good are you!?! I love the "you light up my cloudy days" one :)

  10. Awww, I can't wait to get mine! :) You are such a good artist! I love them!


    PS. I sent you an email :)

  11. oh janel, i totally adore your paintings.... i think i need one, maybe i´ll take one to my birthday next week... i get in contact with you soon!
    i love the granny square afghan, i´m working on my own... *phew


  12. I sent you an email! Love your work!

  13. why don't you try making a granny square afghan? they're not so hard and it's really rewarding once you finish, plus you won't have to pay $150 :)


  14. Count me in! I'm e-mailing you now!

  15. OH, you bet your buns I'm commissioning you!!

  16. ohhh You know how much I love your stuff <3 Btw I have another idea to commision you on, let me know if you are interested!! I think it's right up your alley :) The good kind of alleys of course, not the dark, creepy, hide my purse and run kind... Love you!
    P.S. I blogged about your fantasticness!!! :)

  17. let us play tomorrow. does adam work? come over and see my new garden box we made today!!
    -nicole...i can't remember my log in info , love you

  18. oh i'm in! thanks lovie! email me! xoxo.

  19. Oh I definitely want one too! I will email you!

  20. this is such a cute blog! and thanks for checking out my own blog, "Let Me Eat Cake" I truly appreciated your comment (:


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