09 March 2010

part 2

Day two of the trip consisted of driving to Springfield,
surprising Erin at work on her birthday :)

Then back to RVA for the RVA mask party:

and an amazing surprise from my amazing husband :)
Apparently he and Elsie had been conspiring to surprise me with my most favorite painting ever!!! I had thought that it was sold a couple of weeks ago and was really sad about it. I was beyond surprised when Elsie made her special announcement and brought this out FOR ME!!

After the RVA party, we went back to the hotel for crafting, laughing, talking, and sleeping :)

oh goodness :) I am smiling sooooo much just remembering all of this and looking through the pictures :)
I am soooo blessed.
I love all of you girls!!
and here is a little instax love for you <3

Stay tuned for part 3!


  1. oh gosh!!! I miss you so much!!!!! I love your surprise face!!! ASDI!!!! :D All the instax pics turned out so cute!! Love you!!

  2. i'm jealous of the following things:
    1. your trip to springfield
    2. your oodles of fun pictures & memories
    3. that super cool painting
    4. your trip to springfield
    5. your trip to springfield
    6. your trip to springfield
    7. your trip to springfield
    8. your trip to springfield
    9. your trip to springfield
    10. i think that's it. wait...
    11. your trip to springfield

    next time, you need to pack me in your suitcase. if not, i will kidnap clint.

    xoxo, lehua & ac

  3. oh my goodness! see lehua's comment...that's me! i love how danielle is hiding in one of those rva photos...sneaky sneaky biscuit!
    so jealous!

  4. i love. i love. i love.

    ps, lehua you're cute.

  5. I miss you girls so much. I'm still laughing tho. Such wonderful memories. Well, mostly. ;)

  6. I agree with Lehua comment lol cute

  7. Janel...It looks like you gals had such an amazing time. Chelsey and I have already made a pact that next time we are so going!!!
    Your hubby is so sweet!! Where are you going to put that amazing painting??

  8. looks like so much fun

  9. cute cute cute!!! I love the look on your face when you saw the painting. priceless! and I saw the picture of your yarn and crochet hook "tattoo" on Elsie's blog... so cute! maybe you should get it for real! xo

  10. looks like SOOO much fun! that painting is gorgeous, you are a lucky girl.

  11. I am so glad you girls had such an amazing time! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
    Have a wonderful day! :)

  12. what a sweet thing your friends did by surprising you. you must be loved! :)

  13. I know I have said this many times before but here it goes again---I AM JEALOUS i mean totally green here--:D

    I love seeing all these photos hoping from one blog to the next.

    have a super day--:D

  14. congrats on getting your painting!:D yayyy.

  15. Awww. that looks like a lot of fun. I wish I lived closer or had the money to travel to Springfield.


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