12 November 2010

Christmas Wish List!

I've been putting together my little holiday wish list for this year and thought that I would share it with you all for some inspiration.  There really isn't too many things that I NEED this year so here are a few little wants :)

1.  A set of Rob Ryan's "Four Seasons" plates.

2.  This Rob Ryan bunting too!

3.  This Massachusetts pillow in mustard yellow for the nursery :)

4.  This planner from Frankie

5.  A subscription to Bust magazine

6.  These TOMS (size 9)

7.  a million packs of Instax Wide film

8.  and a million packs of Instax Mini Film

9.  This sweet little Christmas Momiji

What are some things that you have on your wish list this year?
Our tree and stockings are going up this weekend so it's officially feeling like the holiday season over here <3


  1. I love that momiji doll! So cute =) I also Wud love a pair of toms.. there were gorgeous stripey ones in summer. I need to add Fuji film to my Xmas list, I got a pack of 200 last year! 10 double packs woo! Been saving them up though so I can start going crazy lol

  2. Love that bunting!!!! I have quite a list myself, ha! Little momiji is so cute! I got one and want to start collecting them too. I miss your face, btw.

  3. I love the look of those plates and that bunting. I'll be sure to check the site out! That's also a very cute planner (: This year I want some cute little perfumes, a selection of DVDS and some nice stationery. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  4. i love everything on here! awesome!!


  5. Hi! I'm quite new to your blog, it's great! I love Rob Ryan I've never seen the plates and bunting! :)

  6. Yay, fun! :)
    I love my subscription to Bust!!
    xo, Jamie

  7. love BUST, and the rest of your list is awesome, too! my list this year is a radio for my car that plays my iPod {i'm in the dark ages i guess} a cute calendar from etsy, and some pretty chair cushions for my kitchen table.

    hope you get everything you wish for and have lovely holidays. (:

  8. Those Rob Ryan plates have stolen my heart!! <3 ahhh they're so gorgeous!

  9. I want new dinning chairs, ours are not very comfortable, we don't like eating at the table because of them.


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