16 November 2010

My December Daily Journal: D.I.Y.

Hello hello!  
Remember how I posted my love for the new Anthropologie catalogue?
  I loved it so much that I decided to use the catalogue itself for my December Daily journal.
This past weekend, I gathered some supplies together and got started on making a catalogue into a journal :)  
I thought I would share it with all of you in case you were interested in doing something similar.
Most of my journals cost anywhere from $5-$25.
This journal was free and it's definitely my cutest one!

Materials that I used:

*  Anthropologie catalogue
*  washi tapes
* exacto knife
* Polaroid 
*  paper doily
* sewing machine

Step One:  do some paper layering with Polaroid, paper doily, and washi tapes.  When everything is layered where you want it, sew it down.  I sewed all a straight lined down the length of my catalogue for a cute detail.

Step Two:  Use the exacto knife to cut out the year in the bottom corner of your catalogue.
Above my cut out, I hand wrote the title of my journal :)

That's it!!
I will add little instax photos and stories, plans, and goals to my pages each day in my journal :)
I love this catalogue so much because of all of the sweet, whimsical photos on each page.

I will be sure to share my pages with you as I complete them :)  I think this will be a great way to document such an exciting, tradition filled month.
I would love to see any adorable DIY journals that you create.
Please link me to them if you post pictures.


  1. pretty new default of you!

  2. Love this idea! Can't wait to see the rest of it! :)

  3. this looks fab!! i finished my cover yesterday :) i have some pictures to edit tonight!

  4. fantasticly wonderful.

  5. amazing...i actually was thinking about doing something unique and fun with the new anthropologie catalog myself, thank you so much for the lovely inspiration.

    hmmm maybe i can use the free people catalog i got too?!?

  6. [[[snug]]]

    Guess who loves you? ME !!!!

    I got my awesome portrait today & I love it so so so much !!!

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

    You're the bestest ever & I adore you to pieces ♥ ♥

  7. I love your blog and all the awesome Journaling projects! You've inspired me! It's so funny to find out that you're from St.Louis because I live here as well!! Hope you're enjoying the mild fall weather!!


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