12 November 2010

Thankful 30-Day 12

Good Morning!
Here's to following through with the challenge so far!  12 days of art journaling everything I am thankful for has been great! I can't wait to do each page every morning. I love the feeling :)

Here is my page 12:

Day 12: I am thankful for my blog and everyone that I have met through it :)

Who would have ever thought that this little blog would bring me so much joy.  The friends, the stories, the relationships, and the documentation of it all just overwhelms me in a good way :)
I love this blog, and everyone who takes the time to read it!!


  1. I totally wish I had more time at the moment to catch up on this challange...;-/ Maybe on the weekend...fingers crossed!

    xoxo Trine

  2. .... and your blog is lovely


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